Mizuno MP-59 Irons - Players Clubs!

If you read the lastest Golf Digest - Hot List, you probably saw some new clubs that tempted you and some that totally disappointed. I was excited to see the Mizuno MP-59 irons top the list for "Player" Iron list. The MP-59's was at the top of three of the four categories, "Performance", "Innovation" and "Look/Sound/Feel". If you stop and think about it, those are the most important categories! Who cares what clubs are the most popular.

Mizuno is well know for forging irons with some of the best feel around. Last year they took a stab at making a forgiving blade-like iron in the MP-58. The idea was simple, take a blade design, cut into the muscle-back and replace it with lightweight titanium. The lightweight titanium insert pushed the heavier steel to the perimeter like a cavity back iron. Since the titanium insert filled in the cavity space, it made the iron feel solid at impact. Well that was the idea, unfortunately the MP-58 lacked feel like most cavity back irons. The engineers at Mizuno didn't give up, they re-positioned and re-shaped the titanium insert in the MP-59 irons. They found the feel that was lacking in the MP-58's, but kept the forgiveness.

So if you are looking to get new irons this year to take your game to the next level then you will want to try the Mizuno MP-59's! Our San Diego and Mountain View staff will be happy to professional fit you like a tour pro!