New Project X 95 Flighted Shaft

In 2013, True Temper will introduce their new Project X 95 Flighted shaft

"Project X 95 Flighted is carefully designed and crafted to produce maximum distance and the tour-caliber control expected of the Project X brand," said Greg Cavill, vice president of alloy engineering and development for Project X. "We also have incorporated descending weight properties into Project X 95 Flighted for enhanced feel in the mid to short irons. This was all quite an engineering feat given the lightweight properties of the shaft."

With variable geometry per flex, Project X 95 Flighted extends Project X's Tour-proven history and heritage, providing more performance to more players with various skill levels and different swing speeds than ever before.

"Project X 95 Flighted is great steel shaft option for competitive and aspirational players who are constantly seeking the latest technology in golf equipment to give them a competitive edge," says Cavill.

Look for more lightweight high performance shaft in 2013!

Accuracy of steel but weight close to graphite shafts!



Callaway New X-Hot Hybrid, X-Hot Irons, X Forged Irons! Pre-order now!

Callaway is back!
Callaway's 2013 line up of golf equipment looks really good!
My favorite would be:
Callaway X Forged Irons!
Great cosmetic improvement in my opinion.
A simple cavity back with soft feel to allow you to shape shots yet get the forgiveness on your alightly off days.
Callaway also introduced the X Hot iron series.
Callaway irons has always been known for its forgiveness.
It looks like a simple cavity back but with the 360 degree undercut channel and the X face technology, this makes it one of the most forgiving irons. 
Wish they explained more in their marketing.
Strong lofts will help you hit the ball far!
Callaway also has the PRO version of the X-Hot irons.
Slightly less offset, more forgiving than the X Forged, this club will help you control the ball better (meaning you can put spin control easier) than the standard X Hot iron.
Great for the mid handicap players who is learning to shape shots.
In addition to the irons, Callaway is out with their new hybrids.
Callaway X Hot hybrids, colored in matte grey, is hot!
With great trajectory and jump off the face, long distance became easier to aim at the flag!
Custom options are available in hybrids and irons, so if there is a specification you like, you can get it customized!
And yes, they do have a PRO version to this iron!
Less offset, shallow profile allows you to hit shots around and over trees for long distances!
Pre-orders have begun!
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Get ready for a fresh new start for the 2013 season!


Adams Speedline Super S and Super LS now accepting pre-orders!

New Adams driver!
The Adams Speedline Super S and Super LS has been added to the 2013 line of Adams golf equipment.
Building on the concept of speed and the slot technology, this one will be a big hit!
From the sole.  See the adjustable loft technology!
Fixed loft but face angle adjustment
2013 is going to be year for adjustability!

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Hurry! Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X High number balls are almost gone!

Golf balls are usually numbered from 1 to 4 in a dozen box.
The High Number golf balls are numbered from 5 to 8.
Stock of high number golf balls of current Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1X golf balls are gone from Titleit.
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Polara golf balls!
Illegal but straight flying golf ball.  The special dimple patterns on the Polara golf balls make the ball go straighter!  Why suffer?
Miura Golf Clubs
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Mitsubishi Rayon and Aldila merges!

Article below:



New shaft from Miyazaki Golf! JDL series! No more spines!

This new Miyazaki JDL shaft was designed to get rid of the "spining" issue with many shafts.
Because of the advent of adjustable drivers in the market (and fairway woods), installation with spining is becoming a challenge.
Therefore, Miyazaki Golf Shaft has come up with this new JDL shaft to solve the issue.
The sheets of graphite are arranged to do away with any spine effect in a shaft.
So no matter which direction the shaft is in relation to the CG, the shaft performs the same!
Mid trajectory and smooth feel is the characteristic of this shaft.
No more excuses!
Miyazaki JDL Golf Shaft
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Vokey items going fast! Custom Shaft option for Rocketbladez available! New Mizuno JPX-825 woods @ fairwaygolfusa.com!

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Mizuno does not make fancy adjustable drivers but you know they perform!
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Nike VR_S Covert Iron pics!

Now that we know what the driver looks like, here is the iron to go with the Covert Series:


Not openly acknowledged or displayed.
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Following yesterday's USGA and R&A proposal on anchored stroke, two of the greatest golfers commented:
Greg Norman: "There should be 2 sets of rules: high level and non-high level.  Anchored putters should be prohibited in high level competition like the pros."
Jack Nicklaus: "USGA and R&A have thought deeply about the game of golf.  I respect their decision but the most important issue in the game of golf is the distance of the golf ball."
Final decision will be made in 3 months.....
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Proposal on anchoring putters by USGA! Straight Down outerwear and Accessories in stock @ fairwaygolfusa.com!

It has been announced.
USGA has proposed to prohibit anchoring style stroke from golf.
Announcement made today.
Illustration of the proposed change in rule by USGA.
Yet this is not a rule in effect and only a proposal, if it passes in the next few months, the rule is going to official implemented in 2016 rule change.
Why now?
The USGA explanation was that the style of stroke that anchors the club to any parts of body other than your hands is not the way the game should be played.
It is not about advantage or making the game easier.  It is just a definition of how a stroke should be made.
They resort to no scientific studies about the advantages of an anchoring stroke.
It is just not for putting (yet putting is pretty obvious for belly and long putters) but for all strokes during the game of golf.
Curious to see the reactions.
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Golf's governing body to announce decision on Wednesday morning regarding Anchored putters! PUMA special @ fairwaygolfusa.com

USGA and R&A are expected to make an announcement tomorrow morning regarding Anchored putters.
Anchored putters are belly putters and long putters that you anchor the end of the putter to your body other than your hands.
In recent years, we have seen a growing number of PGA Tour winners using Belly and Long putters.
It will be interesting to see what the decision is.
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Luke wins in Japan with MP-64! Srixon's new ball introduced in Japan!

Luke Donald was in Japan for the 2012 Dunlop Phoenix Open in Miyazaki Prefecture (Southern Island of Japan).
It is a tournament where many of the world's top players go to Japan and play during the off season:
article from gew.co.jp
Luke cruised to a win with a wire to wire finish using his Mizuno MP-64 irons which he helped design.
You can customize your own MP-64 with custom shaft, grips, length, lie, loft at fairwaygolfusa.com:
It was Luke's first win in Japan.
Luke played:
MP Fli-Hi Utility Iron (#2)
MP-64 Iron (3-9P)
MP-T4 wedge (54deg)
MP-T11 wedge (60deg)
@ Srixon Japan
Srixon has introduced its new Z-Star ball in Japan.  The new ball is scheduled to launch in February of 2013.
article from gew.co.jp
This is what they say:
Tommy Nakajima:  "I can now out drive younger players!"
Ryo Ishikawa: "I can get more spin out of roughs!"
The new ball is designed to improve:
  • Softer feel
  • Spin Control
  • Stronger in to the wind
Srixon Japan is forecasting that their Z-Star ball sales will grow by 20% globally.
Can't wait to hit it!


Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver! Just announced!

Have you seen it yet?
Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver!
Scheduled to launch in January of 2013
In my opinion, on the actual driver, the green section of the driver looked a little more greener (darker)
Said to be Callaway's longest driver!
Adjustable hosel, changeable weights.
Not to mention you can order the Tour COG (2 level adjustment hosel) too!
It will come in the U design program where you can choose  your color!
Stay tuned for more!
@ fairwaygolfusa.com
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Callaway X Utility Prototype Iron
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Ryo Ishikawa gets PGA Tour card! Wins in Japan after 2 year drought!

It was an amazing finish on the PGA Tour at Disney.  Congratulations Charlie Beljan!
Now that the 2012 PGA Tour season has come to a close, the top 125 on the money list obtained a Tour Card for 2013.
Ryo Ishikawa also obtained a US PGA Tour card for 2013:
He has played in 18 events in 2012 and he was not an official member of the US PGA Tour, he earned $870,000 to get within the 125 ranking and obtained the tour card for 2013.
Ryo is obviously excited and commented that he is looking forward to playing in the US.
Does this mean that he is going to be full time in the US?
Although the sigining with Callaway for 2013 season is not official, it seems like Ryo is coming to the US!
Ryo also won his 10th tournament in Japan last week at:
Mitsui Sumitomo VISA Taiheiyo Masters 2012
His 2 year drought has ended.
He is now 21 years old and won 10 tournaments already.
He has a lot to learn in the US but I am sure he has the right attitude.
Go Ryo!