Mizuno MP-54 Custom Options

Mizuno's new MP-54 irons are available with custom options to fit your game!
MP-54 irons are called the modern classic.  It is a club for those who likes to shape shots but needs a little forgiveness.  Slightly thicker profile gives you the confidence at setup. 
Milled pocket cavity in the long and middle irons give you a higher launch and steeper angle of landing for precision distance control and predictability.
Shorter irons feature blade like design for trajectory and spin control for pinpoint accuracy.
All Mizuno irons can be customized to fit your game.
at fairwaygolfusa.com, MP-54 irons can be customized so that you are able to fine tune your irons to connect your swing to the performance of the head.
Recently, KBS Shafts have been a very popular choice along with the Nippon shafts: 
What is unique about fairwaygolfusa.com is that we offer Iomic grips for the Mizuno irons.  Iomic grips remain tacky for a looong time.  Regular grips tend to oxidize and harden over time, but Iomic remains tacky.  You might wear them out after many many use but I am sure you need to regrip less number of times than traditional rubber grips:
But if you like the traditional Golf Pride, Lamkin grips we have them too:
We highly recommend the Iomic Grips!
MP-54 irons available with the following options:
  • Dexterity:  RH or LH
  • Length: -1 inch to +2 inches
  • Loft: +/- 2 degrees
  • Lie:  3 deg flat to 4 deg upright
  • Grips:  fairwaygolfusa.com will install your favorite grips
  • Shaft Stepping: soft step or hard step
More you play with the wrong setup, the worse your swing gets.
You might have a consistent swing.  Now all you need is a right specification to match your swing.
send email to: cs@fairwaygolfusa.com


Miura in Black

There is something about Miura irons.
Something special that makes people want to hit it.
Golfers come in to Fairway Golf and hit our demo Miura golf clubs.  They keep hitting.
They keep on hitting to make sure that what they are feeling is not a coincidence.
Miura is the premium forged irons manufactured in Japan.  Himeji, Japan.
It is not just about looks.  Performance, feel, and experience plays a large role in making Miura clubs special.
The latest addition to the Miura golf equipment is the black irons:
Miura Golf limited edition Forged Black Blades
This is the matte black finish of the tournament blades.  Non-glare finish.
Imagine building this up with a black ferrule, black finish KBS custom shaft, and a grip of your choice.
Fairway Golf can do it!
Below is an explanation of the black finish from Miura golf:
"The LFBB finish is the same as on Miura's Black Wedges. Like the wedges, these irons will show gradual, desirable wear with repeated use. But "wear" doesn't mean "wear out." Instead, it's more like a breaking in, a personalization no different than the one that occurs with your favorite baseball glove or the skates you want in the games that matter.
This personalized settling-in of the finish will differ slightly for every player. But in general, the black finish will mature over time to a silvery gray, mostly on the center of the clubface and on the sole, starting at the leading edge. Time in the sun enters into it, as well as the turf the golfer usually encounters. In the end, the Limited Forged Black Blades will be distinctively Miura, and distinctively each golfer's own - and always a joy to look at as well as play."
The other exciting iron is the CB-501 in Black Boron finish:
Miura Golf has gone through number of designs to perfect the CB-501 to be the forgiving iron with a feel and trajectory of a muscle back iron.
The positioning of the weights gives a solid feel and a strong ball flight.
But the "sweet spot" muscle back design (positioning more mass behind the sweet spot) allows off center hits to enjoy the benefits of a cavity back (perimeter weighting design).
And don't forget about their hybrids!
The Miura HB hybrids are designed to blend in with the flow of the Miura irons.
The looks of the face was deisgned to blend in to the Miura irons.
The Miura hybrids were designed with a shot in mind.  A hybrid shot with pinpoint accuracy just like the irons.  This hybrid is not designed to keep the ball in play but to attack the flag.
It is easy to hit.  Has all the benefits of a hybrid (forgiveness, trajectory) and an ability to aim a target just like the Miura irons.
If you already have a set of Miura irons, this is a great addition to your bag!
If you are interested in Miura golf equipment, just send us an email and we will help you pick the right one!


Nippon shaft wins the fedex cup!

The Fedex Cup winner Henrik Stenson played the Modus 3 120 X flex shaft to capture his win at the Tour Championship.
Nippon shaft is a Japanese Shaft company providing the best quality and consistency in performance.
Yes it is a JDM.  It is made in Japan.
With over 100 wins around the world, the Nippon shaft is becoming to be a familiar name in the iron shaft category.
Many manufacturers provide custom options to provide Nippon Shafts.
The most popular ones are 950GH and the Modus3 shafts.
Did you know that steel shaft was illegal when it was first introduced in 1914?
The steel shaft back then was about 50 gram lighter than the shafts used at the time.
It became illegal because it hit too far.
In 1926, USGA approved use of steel shafts.
But for 12 years, it was non-conforming to the rules of golf.
Maybe anchored putter rule will be turned over in the future.....
Q&A (translation from Japan Nippon Shaft page):
Q: Does shaft become weaker?
A: Over time and use, steel does become weaker through metal fatigue.  It depends on how often the shaft is used but at the professional level, shafts are often replaced every 6 months to a year.  For average amateurs, it may take 10 years.  If you feel that shaft starts feeling softer, maybe it is time to change.
Q: What is unique about the 950GH shafts?
A: Through the use of patented material, original production process and highly advanced technology, Nippon shaft produces the highest quality performance shafts.  The 950GH model has a stiffer design from the middle to the butt end allowing players to load easier and allows the tip section to acceralate through impact.  It is a shaft designed for a wide range of players.
Q: What is unique about the Modus3?
A: Modus3 shafts are designed based on feedback from US PGA Tour players.  Focus is on ball control.  The original line up of shafts (i.e. 950GH) was very easy to swing and hit the ball yet for the strong and better players, sometimes the ball drifted which make them lose control of the ball.  Thus the Modus3 was developed to give the stronger, better players a more consistent ball control.
On your next set of irons, we recommend trying out the Nippon shafts!
There is always a model that suites your game.


Cobra ZL Driver $149.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Did you know that Cobra ZL is a high tech driver?
Carbon body
Adjustable face angle
High MOI
Premium Fujikura shaft
E9 Max face forgiveness design
It comes in white, black and red.
fairwaygolfusa.com has it for $149.99
Wait before you look for any other driver under $150
This is loaded with features and it is only $149.99
I personally recommend that this is a good deal!
Deals available at fairwaygolfusa.com

Linksoul apparel available at fairwaygolfusa.com

Linksoul is all about philosophy.
Simple designs
John Ashworth Designs

Harley Davidson Stand Bag $149.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

To be honest, this is our last of the Harley Davidson stand bag.
It was popular but they decided to stop making/selling it.
This is what we have in stock.
I  know there are many Harley Davidson female riders out there that play golf.
This is your last chance to get the Harley Davidson stand bag.
Yes it is pink.
While supply lasts.
Available at fairwaygolfusa.com

Mizuno JPX-800 driver $169.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Did you know that golfers call Mizuno golf clubs Mizzies?
Do you have a Mizzie?
Personally, I play Mizzies for over 15 years.
It is one of my favorite golf club manufacturers.
Their clubs are always classic in style but inspiring performance.
You can count on quality with Mizzies.
This Hot Metal driver is on sale at fairwaygolfusa.com.
While supply lasts.

Nike VR Pro Satin Wedge $49.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Did your wedge let you down this weekend?
Try something different!
You might be amazed how this wedge plays around the green.
You might go back to your old wedge and appreciate it.
At $49.99, it is worth a try.
I personally like the sole design and feel of this club.
From tight lies, bunkers, roughs, this wedge can be used in any type of lie.
Short game is important!
While supply lasts


Mizuno Grain Flow Forging: Chuo Forging Factory Tour

Mizuno makes one of the finest forging iron in the world!

New MP-4 and MP-54 irons are just released.

Get fitted and play Mizuno for more Greens in Regulation!

Mizuno customization available at fairwaygolfusa.com

Mizuno Custom page:

For fitting inquiries, send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com for a fitting advice!


True Linkswear golf shoes

True Linkswear is known to be the first golf shoes company to come up with the zero drop golf shoes.

It keeps you leveled, balanced and closer to the ground.

sneak peak of 2014 styles:

Currently at fairwaygolfusa.com, we are having a special on the Phoenix model for $79

while supply lasts!


Nike VR Pro Hybrid $69.99 at fairwaygolfusa.com

I would not guarantee that you will play like Tiger Woods if you play a Nike club.
But this Nike VR Pro Hybrid at $69.99 is worth checking in.
Many of us struggle with our long irons.
Hybrid helps those get more consistent yardage on our long approach shots.
If you have never played a hybrid, try this one for $69.99
Many Tour players have used them in the bag to win tournaments.
Supply is limited at this price
Get yours now at fairwaygolfusa.com

Vokey Alignment Sticks @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Some may call it just a piece of sticks.

But to a golfer, these sticks help you make sure that you are aligned correctly to the target, swing is on plane, and help you practice to become a better golfer.

Titleist Vokey Alignment Sticks

The rods are very popular tool for many tour professionals and top amatuer.
First thing you need to do before you start tinkering with your swing is to check and make sure that you are aligned correctly.

If you start from messing with the swing, you might be doing more harm to your swing rather than correcting it.

This is the second time Vokey came out with the alignment sticks.
First time around, it sold out very quickly.

Get yours today at fairwaygolfusa.com


Nike Ladies Ace Golf Shoes $59.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Lady Golfers!
I know you are looking for a deal on shoes.
Ladies love golf shoes to match their outfit.
fairwaygolfusa.com has the style at unbelievable prices.
Check out this Nike Ace golf shoes for $59.99
Quantity and sizes limited to stock on hand!
Check us out at fairwaygolfusa.com

Visit to the Callaway Performance Center

Had an opportunity to visit the Callaway Performance Center in Carlsbad.
It is a place where exciting things happen for Callaway and the golf industry.
It is a place where pros come and test out their current equipment, or new equipment.
It is a place where new products are tested out.
It is a place where I got to see the new Callaway products and hit a few!
Located in Carslbad, it is situated few miles away from Callaway Headquaters in a secluded section of the business district.
I am sure everyone knows about the new Callaway APEX irons coming out.
After hitting a few shots, I was very convinced that Callaway designes and creates a very forgiving iron.
In the old days, forgiving irons looked big and bulky.  And that was what forgiveness was about.  Larger head for bigger sweetspot, wide sole for gliding through the turf rather than digging in, thick topline for visual confidence.
But those days are coming to an end.  The designers and developers are figuring out how to blend aesthetics and performace so golfers can look cool, hit good shots and feel good about playing the game.
I think that many forgiving golf clubs few years back were not visually pleasing to the professional golfers.  But the designs and looks have been refined to attract better players to try the clubs and I am sure after hitting the modern clubs, many of them are switching to more forgiving golf clubs.
Callaway's 2014 line was very promising.  Looked exciting.  Key is to hit it, see and feel how easy to hit.  Maybe we are just talking about a 5 yard gain on many of the clubs but the ball seems to jump off every face of the club and makes you feel that you got stronger.
Don't forget to wish for golf clubs for the holidays!
or you will be left behind

Oakley Cipher golf shoes $89.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Oakley golf shoes has some style.
Cipher Golf shoes feature the nano spike technology to keep you in place during your swing.
It is one of the world's lightest golf shoes.
Use to be $130 but now it is only $89.99
While supply lasts.
Check out inventory at fairwaygolfusa.com

Odyssey Ti-Hot Putter $149.99 at fairwaygolfusa.com

Did eveyone know that this putter existed?
This is a limited edition model that Odyssey came out last year.
Body is made of Titanium
tungsten insert at the moment
with Muted Charcoal finish
I have to say this is one of my favorite odyssey putters in terms of looks, weight, feel and aesthetics.
Used to have a suggested retail price of $435 but fairwaygolfusa.com has it on sale for $149.99
1250 pcs of this model made globally
Get yours now!


Taylor Made MC irons from $374.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Some one must be looking for these Taylor Made forged MC irons.
5-9P with KBS shaft starts at $374.99
Quantity is limited so hurry!
This head is right in between a muscle back and a full cavity back iron.
Great for intermediate to advanced players.
Don't miss this opportunity!
Available at fairwaygolfusa.com

Taylor Made 2011 Rescue $99.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Everyone knows how good Taylor Made Rescue clubs play.
This Taylor Made 2011 Rescue has adjustable loft to fine tune to the trajectory and the distance you want to hit!
Now it is on sale for $99.99 at fairwaygolfusa.com
Great prices on great products at fairwaygolfusa.com

Cobra AMP Driver $129.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Cobra is known for the E9 face technology where the sweet spot is maxed out at 9 points of the club face.
Whether you hit it high off the toe, or low off the heel of the club face, the forgiveness of the design of the face hits the ball far and straight.
At $129.99, this driver is a great deal!
Upgrade your driver today at fairwaygolfusa.com

Adidas Samba Limited Edition $69.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Adidas limited edition Samba Golf Shoes only $69.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Popular Adidas Samba shoes are available in a golf shoes.

Comfortable to walk.

The limited edition colors represent one of the 4 major tournaments in golf.

This deal available at fairwaygolfusa.com!

Adams Fast 12 Driver $99.99 @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Adams Fast 12 Drivers are $99.99 at fairwaygolfusa.com
Add some speed to your driver for just $99.99
Upgrading your driver was never this affordable!
Check out fairwaygolfusa.com


Pre-Order the NEW TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons HERE at Fairwaygolfusa.com NOW

The shipping date of this product is on 10/4/2013. Pre-Order NOW!!
From TaylorMade: "SpeedBlade irons take our Speed Pocket™  to the next level, giving golfers an instrument that will change the nature of their approach shots to help them hit more greens and shoot lower scores. SpeedBlade is radically differently than any other iron in terms of look, speed, launch, spin, feel, sound. New elongated Speed Pocket Faster face and more ball speed in the center, down low, toward the toe and toward the heel. Lowest CG of any TaylorMade distance iron Easy to launch on a high and strong flight.
Individually engineered heads Optimized distance, trajectory, control, spin, feel and sound
Advanced head structure, Speed Pocket polymer and multi-material badge Absorbs unwanted vibration to promote fantastic sound and feel
 A tour inspired wedge shape with ATV sole."
Please contact us if you would like to place a Pre-Order, act now to ensure quick delivery when they are shipped out from TaylorMade.


New MIURA Carbon Fiber Iron Headcovers Available at Fairwaygolfusa.com

These great NEW Miura iron headcovers are amazing and come in 2 different color schemes: White Crystal and Carbon Fiber. Both are high-quality and the perfect gift for any Miura fan! Great Holiday gift idea!

Miura Carbon Fiber "look" Iron Headcovers:
New Miura iron covers. Total of 11 pieces from 3 to P, A, S, and X. Made to look like carbon fiber. Fits all Miura irons. Please note for pre-order of carbon fiber cover, the bottom portion (in silver now) will be in full black.

New MIURA Crystal White Iron Headcovers Available at Fairwaygolfusa.com

These great NEW Miura iron headcovers are amazing and come in 2 different color schemes: White Crystal and Carbon Fiber. Both are high-quality and the perfect gift for any Miura fan! Great Holiday gift idea!
Miura White Crystal Iron Headcovers:
New Miura iron covers. Total of 11 pieces from 3 to P, A, S, and X. White Crystal texture. Reverse side of iron cover is different. Fits all Miura irons.

miura headcover crystal1

New Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Irons Now at Fairwaygolfusa.com

The all new Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged iron is now available at Fairwaygolfusa.com. The JPX EZ Forged delivers explosive distance, and the same effortless flight and tight dispersion of the JPX EZ series, but with the soft, solid feel of Mizuno’s exclusive Grain Flow Forging process. Attack the course. Feel impact like nothing you’ve ever experienced.
• Grain Flow Forged: From a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet for unmatched feel.
• Max undercut design (4-7): For a larger, high energy rebound area.
• Deep Center of Gravity (COG): Effortless flight
• Multi thickness face: For maximum ball speed in a forged iron.
• Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T): Feel and sound tuned through cavity frame design.
• Custom Set Make Ups: Available in mixed/combo sets or with JPX FLI-HI long iron alternatives.
mizuno ez forged1

Fujikura Motore Speeder Series Shafts Available Soon at Fairwaygolfusa.com

The Speeder has been named the “winningest shaft” and has never left the Tour since its debut in 1998. The new Motore Speeder 757, 661, 569 and 474 models were designed using Triax Core Technology, which is Triax three-directional woven graphite material on the inside layer of the shaft (vs. closer the core), enhancing its contribution to increased speed and stability.
• Triax Core Technology (TCT)
• Ultra high modulus materials
• Unparalleled feel and stability
• Highest speeds and longest distances we have ever seen
Please check out the SPECS at the LINK below to our Website:


Cobra Tour Trusty Black PVD or Satin Wedges Coming Soon at Fairwaygolfusa.com

After working with our Tour athletes, the COBRA Research & Development team developed the Tour Trusty, a true performance wedge that offers precision wedge play and shot versatility. The non-offset shaping has been designed to improve alignment and look at address while maximizing the groove edges and volume to the USGA allowable limit. COBRA created the Tour notch K-Grind™ to provide heel and toe relief for Tour-trusted versatility around the green and optimized shot making. These new Cobra Tour Trusty wedges will begin to ship out Mid-November.
• Larger Milled Grooves
• Notch K-Grind Sole
• Variable Feed Rate Milling
• Chrome Plated 8620 carbon steel
• Matte Satin / Matte Black PVD


TaylorMade SLDR Custom Shafts Available at Fairwaygolfusa.com

Pick a shaft from the list, select your TaylorMade SLDR setting, dial in your playing characteristics and choose a grip! It’s that easy to get a custom shaft for your SLDR.
Please note that we only use authentic shafts and TaylorMade SLDR Shaft sleeves (right and left handed sleeves).These shafts will not have any TaylorMade graphics, these are true after-market shafts.
Please check out our LINK below to our SLDR shaft options and details:

New Mizuno MP-54 Irons Available Now at Fairwaygolfusa.com

Have you seen the new MP-54 irons from Mizuno? Great looks, playability and forgiveness, all in one package, the MP-54. Available now at Fairwaygolfusa.com
Iron features:
• Step Muscle Design: Creates additional thickness behind impact for solid feel.
• Grain Flow Forged: From a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet.
• Milled Pocket Cavity (3-7): Off center stability, higher launch, and a steep landing angle.
• Solid Muscle Design (8-PW): Enhanced feel and maneuverability.
• Perimeter Grind: Reduces topline appearance and sole width.
• Custom Set Make Ups: Available in mixed/combo sets or with MP-H4 long iron alternative.

New Mizuno MP-4 Irons Available at Fairwaygolfusa.com

The all new MP-4 Muscle Back iron from Mizuno is out NOW! This iron is one of the best Mizuno irons ever made, incredible feel and shot control in a most impressive design.
Iron features:
• Pure Muscle Design: Bulging muscle ensures thickness behind impact for solid feel.
• Shotmaker’s profile: Thin top line & reduced offset helps manipulate ball flight.
• Variable Muscle Bulge: More bulge in the short irons for trajectory control.
• New profile 8-PW: More compact than previous MP irons,
• Grain Flow Forged: From a single 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel billet for enhanced feel.
• Custom Set Make Ups: Available in mixed sets or with MP-H4 long iron alternative.