Limited Edition True Linkswear, Odyssey Protype Black Putters! Taylor Made RocketballZ bonded! Polara illegal golf ball!

Fairway Golf has the Limited Edition True Linkswear shoes in stock!
Known for the barefoot concept, wider toe area, comfort, True Linkswear fans are on the rise!
Check out the limited edition colors and have some fun on the golf course:
fairwaygolfusa.com has also begun taking pre-orders for the Odyssey Protype Black putters
Very limited quantities are available so preorder yours now!
fairwaygolfusa.com will be starting to ship the "bonded" Taylor Made Rocketballz Drivers very soon! 
at the new price of $199.99, this one is a great deal!
I am sure when you go to a golf course, you will find somebody with the RBZ driver!
If you hate struggle to get better at golf, try the Polara golf balls @ fairwaygolfusa.com!
This illegal golf ball will make the ball fly straighter off the tee! 
Golf should be an enjoyment!  If you are not playing a match or tournament and just want to enjoy, get a little help by using the Polara golf balls!