Japan Airlines direct flight from San Diego to Narita (Tokyo) starting 12/2!

It's exciting news for us in San Diego!
Japan Airlines is starting a direct flight from San Diego to Narita (Tokyo) on December 2, 2012.
Just seems like Japan got a little closer!
This is a great opportunity for golfers in San Diego to visit Japan and enjoy golf in Japan!
There are great golf courses in Japan and it will be a unique experience to play golf in Japan.
This is how many of the golf courses in Japan operates:
  • Many require collared shirt when entering the club house.  (don't go in T-shirts and flip flops!)
  • You are going to be assigned your personal locker for the day where you change.
  • Many courses force you to take lunch breakes (30 to 45 minutes) between front 9 and back 9 (lunch is very good)
  • Usually you have caddies
  • There are public bath/shower for after the round.  (Japanese tradition)
It is a whole day experience but you can enjoy the views, seasons and nature in many of the golf courses.
Visiting temples, shrines, high rises and Tokyo bars and hangout places are fun too but don't forget to squeeze in a round of golf.
If you are planning to go to Japan, send us questions and our Japanese staff can assist you!
@ fairwaygolfusa.com
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