There is something different about Miura Irons. Custom order available at fairwaygolfusa.com!

Many golfers can recognize the brand :  Miura Golf
But what is it that makes Miura different:
  • WDD Accurate Forging:  In pursuit of precision in weight, density and dimension, Miura has refined its production procedure so that every club qualifies to the standard that Miura has.  (It is a very high standard of quality)
  • Precise measurement based on scoring line.  Miura clubs are designed with a separate hosel design where precision in specification of Face Progression, bounce, loft and lie is achieved so that each head will have the specification that is promised.
  • Soft feel.  If you have hit a Miura iron or wedge, you can tell the difference.
It is a work of art by experienced craftsman.
It is a destination when after years of pursuit for feel, performance and looks in golf equipment.
If you happen to be in the San Diego area, Fairway Golf has demos for you to try!
For all selection and customization options, please visit:
For any questions regarding Miura golf equipment, please send email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com