2XU for performance enhancement! RBZ bonded driver! Why customize irons!?

At any level, every one is looking for performance enhancement!
2XU is one of our latest addition to fairwaygolfusa.com selection.
2XU provides exceptional performance enhancing sport specific wear to improve blood circulation and comfort for many kinds of sports.
In a nut shell:
It helps your blood circulation.
It prevents unnecessary vibration of muscle and fat.
It provides UV protection.
It provides moisture wicking technology.
It is not only for marthon runners or triathletes.
Golfers will benefit from it too whether it be during training or during the round.
The compression fabric material used in the construction of 2XU is a much higher grade than those value so called "compression" wear seen in everyday store!
It is sport specific and after tons of research on athelete performance, 2XU has developed the fabric and design to enhance your performance.
Try the socks and you will feel the difference especially for those involved in lot of walking, standing during work.
Look carefully in many of the top athletes during training.  You will find the 2XU logo.
Check them out at fairwaygolfusa.com!
We are taking pre-orders for the bonded Taylor Made RBZ drivers!
Will start shipping at the end of September!
Pre-order yours today!
It is a glued version and does not have adjustability like the original models but $199.99 is a great deal for the performance.
As a golf shop, it is our job to provide the equipment that produces the best out of your swing.  Yes, some may claim that swing changes all the time but surprisingly, it does not change over night and many aspect of one's swing is very consistent.
Having proper irons is very important since it clearly affects your scoring.  Being able to hit where you want on the green is key to making birdies and/or not making bogeys.
Good short game like Rory helps but if you can increase your chances of hitting the green, you have to rely less on your short game.
Here are some of the things you need to know when selecting irons:
  • Lie angle: the head needs to come down square to the ground as much as possible or your ball will turn left or right, short or long and it might not be because of your swing.
  • Shaft:  make sure your have the proper weight and flex to match your swing.  Consistent tempo is key to a good swing.  If you hit good shots on either the beginning, middle, or end of the round but not the other, it could be shaft weight is too heavy or light and consistency depends too much on your fatigue.
  • Grip:  proper grip is key to proper release.  If the club moves too much in your hand, or cannot control and feel the clubhead turn, you probably have the wrong grip size.  Good glove size and good grip size is what makes the club function as a part of your body.
  • Length:  when the club is too short, golfers tend to bend their knees too much.  when the club is too long, golfers tend to stand too upright which prohibits from making a good turn and swing the club on a proper plane.  Make sure your shortest club in the bag is not too long or too short.
fairwaygolfusa.com offers a wide variety of custom fitting options at our CUSTOM club section.
Don't just get stock! Get customized!
for fitting questions, send us an email to:  cs@fairwaygolfusa.com