Customized EPON golf equipment! Maruman golf equipment! Hello Kitty golf!

Fairway Golf can customize EPON golf equipment!
My personal favorite is the AF-Tour iron.
I still think that there is nothing that feels better than the soft feel of hitting the sweet spot on a muscle back iron. 
Many Japanese golf equipment pride themselves in feel and simplicity.
It does not give you many technical jargon.
EPON, like Miura and Mizuno, offers craftsman quality with traditional looks and feel to satisfy the needs of a dedicated golfer.
If you have not tried Japanese golf equipment, check out fairwaygolfusa.com for our selection especially in the custom irons department.
We will build it for you!
Above is just a small selection of shafts we offer with EPON golf equipment.
If you have a particular shaft that you want to have installed, please let us know and we will send you a quote:
send email to:  cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
fairwaygolfusa.com offers Maruman products too!
Everyone knows the majesty series!
But Maruman offers the Conductor series for the players looking for ultimate ball control and feel!
If you have played Conductor irons in the past, you know the Conductor sole and how it works on all kinds of lie!
The round sole makes hitting on any lie a smooth ride!
@ for the Ladies
I did not know Hello Kitty plays golf.
Hello Kitty Golf products offers wide variety of Hello Kitty character accessories to brighten up your golf game. 
Golf game may not go the way you want all the time.
But Hello Kitty will cheer you up!