Yes Golf Tour Issue Milled Putters available @ fairwaygolfusa.com! Cleveland Forged 588 RTG available!

Compared to the standard production models sold in golf stores around the world, following are the main differences:
  1. All Milled head (just like Scotty Cameron putters and other high end Milled putters)
  2. "Tour" indication on sole
For the production putters, Pippi is only available in a belly putter.
But the Tour gets the standard length Pippi.
A must have for the center shaft lovers!
The most popular model in the YES Golf series.
All Milled (front and back and top and bottom) putters look a lot sharper than a cast head.
Sharper lines gives you more visual confidence.
Tour Issue items are limited in quantity so hurry and get yours today!
Cleveland has launched another version of the popular Forged 588 series:
Maximum spin and Dyanmic Sole Grind!
Many players prefer the grind on the toe and the trailing edge for versatility around the green.
Whether you have a tight lie or soft and fluffy lie, this sole design enables you to control effective bounce angle by setting up the face angle the way you want!


It's getting a little cooler on the golf course! FootJoy apparel season is here!

It is getting cooler in San Diego.
San Diego people complain about slight change in weather but we don't really mean it.
We know that the rest of the country goes through more drastic change in weather.
FootJoy has a great apparel collection for the fall/winter season (2012-2013).
@ fairwaygolfusa.com we have a wide variety of cool weather golf gear to keep you warm and ready to play good golf!
FootJoy makes great performance golf apparel because they are serious about the game.
Golfers design the function and styles.
It is made for golfers.
And they also look great as casual wears too!
Don't be shivering or pouring wet on the golf course!
Appropriate apparel will help you stay dry.
Golfers will definitely appreciate warmth.


New Cobra AMP Cell Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons! Coming in 2013!

Just saw articles on thegolfwire.com regarding the Cobra AMP Cell products coming out in 2013!
All pictures are from thegolfwire.com articles: thegolfwire.com articles
Cobra AMP Cell Driver:
4 colors to choose from
2 models: AMP Cell Driver and AMP Cell Pro Driver
On both models, loft/trajectory can be adjusted to 6 different settings.
Cobra AMP Cell Fairway Wood:
4 colors to choose from
Loft/trajectory is adjustable!
Cobra AMP Cell Hybrids: 
4 colors to choose from
Adjustable too!
AMP Cell Irons:
4 colors to choose from on the back insert of the irons!
Available Feb 8 of 2013!
Can't wait!


Brandt Snedeker's clubs! Titleist iphone app! Get your new irons Customised!

Brandt Snedeker used the following clubs to win the fedex cup:
Driver: TaylorMade Burner SuperFast (8.5 degree; Fujikura Motore VC 7.2x shaft)
Fairway Wood: Tour Edge Exotics CB4 3-wood (13 degree; Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 73x shaft)
Hybrid: Ping Anser (20 degree; UST Mamiya Proforce VTS Black 100x shaft)
Irons (4-PW): Bridgestone J40 Cavity Back (Aerotech SteelFiber i95 Constant Weight shafts)
Wedges: Bridgestone J40 (52 degree; True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shaft), Bridgestone J40 (56 degree; True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 119 shaft) and Titleist Vokey Design Spin Milled (60 degree; True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shaft)
Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie
Ball: Bridgestone Tour B330
Footwear: Adidas adiPure
Grips: Lamkin Tour Black Full-Cord
Through interviews after the fedex cup, it is the confidence building up to the fedex cup that brought his performance to the highest level at the right time.
Maybe Rory's peak confidence level diminished after a long stretch of great performance.
Brandt Snedeker uses clubs and specifications that he trusts.
The driver is a pretty old model.
The CB4 Fairway Wood is a pretty long hitting fairway wood.
The newest club in his bag is the Anser Hybrid.
He uses different shafts on each of his wedges (unique).
Congratulations Brandt!
@ Titleist
Did you know that Titleist has an iphone app?
It includes a ball fitting module to help you find the right ball!
If you have recorded your swing on your iphone, you can compare your swing against one of the Titleist ambassadors side by side!
Great app to have to fix your swing.
Fairway Golf believes that golfers benefit from playing with the right equipment.
We have a custom iron section to better fit the clubs to your swing:
Check out our selection.  If you want to have a certain specification on clubs other than the ones listed above, don't hesitate to send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
We will help you find the right clubs!


Congratulations Brandt Snedeker! Adams MB2 iron last call! Bettinardi Limited Headcover available @ fairwaygolfusa.com

Congratulations Brandt Snedeker!
Highlights from pgatour.com
Brandt Snedeker closed the deal on Sunday while other players were aggressively attacking the flag at the difficult East Lake Golf Course without much success.
As the final day approached, the course became tougher and tougher.
Dried up fairways, hard greens, fast greens.  You don't want to be in a position to try to catch the leader on such situations going in to Sunday.
Many of the top players trying to win the fedex cup just could not break par and control their own destiny.
Adams MB2 irons are still available at fairwaygolfusa.com:
It is a muscle back iron, yet with the brass weighted insert in the lower back face of the club head, it has a much lower center of gravity compared to a standard muscle back generating more height and spin on the ball needed with today's ball technology and new groove rules.
Raw finish for maximum feel and spin so you get instant feedback and control/workability of the golf ball to shape your shots to position yourself for a easier putt for birdie.
fairwaygolfusa.com has limited edition Bettinardi putter covers available: 
It is a must have for honey lovers!
I hope it does not attract bees on the golf course.


Limited Edition True Linkswear, Odyssey Protype Black Putters! Taylor Made RocketballZ bonded! Polara illegal golf ball!

Fairway Golf has the Limited Edition True Linkswear shoes in stock!
Known for the barefoot concept, wider toe area, comfort, True Linkswear fans are on the rise!
Check out the limited edition colors and have some fun on the golf course:
fairwaygolfusa.com has also begun taking pre-orders for the Odyssey Protype Black putters
Very limited quantities are available so preorder yours now!
fairwaygolfusa.com will be starting to ship the "bonded" Taylor Made Rocketballz Drivers very soon! 
at the new price of $199.99, this one is a great deal!
I am sure when you go to a golf course, you will find somebody with the RBZ driver!
If you hate struggle to get better at golf, try the Polara golf balls @ fairwaygolfusa.com!
This illegal golf ball will make the ball fly straighter off the tee! 
Golf should be an enjoyment!  If you are not playing a match or tournament and just want to enjoy, get a little help by using the Polara golf balls!


There is something different about Miura Irons. Custom order available at fairwaygolfusa.com!

Many golfers can recognize the brand :  Miura Golf
But what is it that makes Miura different:
  • WDD Accurate Forging:  In pursuit of precision in weight, density and dimension, Miura has refined its production procedure so that every club qualifies to the standard that Miura has.  (It is a very high standard of quality)
  • Precise measurement based on scoring line.  Miura clubs are designed with a separate hosel design where precision in specification of Face Progression, bounce, loft and lie is achieved so that each head will have the specification that is promised.
  • Soft feel.  If you have hit a Miura iron or wedge, you can tell the difference.
It is a work of art by experienced craftsman.
It is a destination when after years of pursuit for feel, performance and looks in golf equipment.
If you happen to be in the San Diego area, Fairway Golf has demos for you to try!
For all selection and customization options, please visit:
For any questions regarding Miura golf equipment, please send email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com



Bridgestone NFL logo golf balls availabe @ fairwaygolfusa.com! Tour Championship picks!

What's your favorite team:
fairwaygolfusa.com currently has 10 teams but selection will continue to grow.
If you have a favorite team, send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
and we will let you know when your team logo will be in!
NFL logo golf balls will start shipping in early October.
@ Tour Championship
I have ready many articles on the power rankings going in to the Tour Championship.
Top 3 picks by most are:
Rory McIlroy
Tiger Woods
Phil Mickelson
I pick Tiger Woods.
I am sure he is determined to win!


Rory McIlroy's swing! PING Ranger Jacket! Adams V4 Hybrid Irons!

You can learn a lot from just by looking at a good player's swing:

from pgatour.com
Everything looks smooth.
It looks smooth since he has everything under control.
So many golfers try to tweek small parts of the swing and the package looks unnatural.
Tempo comes first!
Tweek body parts movement yet still maintain a consistent tempo!
Strengthen your lower body for gradual power.
Priority is to be able to hit consistently.
Then comes distance or shot shaping!
Keep swinging!
The most popular PING apparel!
Lightweight, high-tech material and very comfortable.
Very handy for golf in fall or casual outing!
Makes you feel athletic too!
fairwaygolfusa.com is taking pre-orders for the Adams V4 hybrid irons!
Adams has been #1 hybrid on the PGA Tour.  Their hybrid technology has helped many golfers whether you are a good player or a beginning golfer.
V4 hybrids complement the flow of the irons while giving you higher trajectory even from roughs so that the ball lands softly.  Giving you predictable distance.
There is no point in hitting long/middle irons that gives you roll.  It is very hard to predict how much roll you will get.  If you cannot predict distance, then you probably will not score very well.
You just have to pray that your short game will help you save par and not putt for birdies.
Pre-order yours today!  Shipping late September (very soon!).


Fairway Golf Top selling irons for Jan thru Aug, 2012!

About 65% of our iron orders are customized!  Fairway Golf believes that the number of customized irons should increase because we believe in order to gain the maximum benefit of the performance of the irons, specifications such as lie, shaft, grip, length must fit the golfer's ability and physical attributes.
Looking back to the first 8 months of 2012, below are the top selling irons @ fairwaygolfusa.com (in no particular order):
It was a great run for the RocketBallz model from drivers to irons.
Because of the popularity of the driver and the fairway woods, many golfers matched the irons to their woods.
This club is all about distance.
Too bad this model is going out of line.
A great forged Muscle Cavity back iron for the average to better players who is seeking ball workability and distance control.
The MB (Muscle Back) iron will stay in line but this model is going away.
Better get your hands on this iron now!  I think it is one of timeless designs and performance.
Very affordable set of irons.
It showed that there is still a strong follower of Cobra irons.
I liked the sole design.
From back in King Cobra OS days, I like how the short irons look on all Cobra irons.
A great value!
We had many customized Titleist irons.  It just proves that Titleist players know equipment!
From Tour Issue shafts, soft stepping, custom lie angles, specific grip sizes, we have seen and helped many golfers get the irons they want.
Roger Cleveland design.
When people think of Callaway, most will think of Big Bertha (a large head with maximum forgiveness).
Our customers chose RAZR X Muscle Back irons!
Thin sole, muscle back design, ball control.
Callaway does offer many custom options!
Mizuno is my favorite.
Traditional looks, soft feel.
MP-59 was a great feel improvement from its predecessors.
It is a great mix of forgiveness and ball control.
This is an iron that is going to be talked about for years to come!


Customized EPON golf equipment! Maruman golf equipment! Hello Kitty golf!

Fairway Golf can customize EPON golf equipment!
My personal favorite is the AF-Tour iron.
I still think that there is nothing that feels better than the soft feel of hitting the sweet spot on a muscle back iron. 
Many Japanese golf equipment pride themselves in feel and simplicity.
It does not give you many technical jargon.
EPON, like Miura and Mizuno, offers craftsman quality with traditional looks and feel to satisfy the needs of a dedicated golfer.
If you have not tried Japanese golf equipment, check out fairwaygolfusa.com for our selection especially in the custom irons department.
We will build it for you!
Above is just a small selection of shafts we offer with EPON golf equipment.
If you have a particular shaft that you want to have installed, please let us know and we will send you a quote:
send email to:  cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
fairwaygolfusa.com offers Maruman products too!
Everyone knows the majesty series!
But Maruman offers the Conductor series for the players looking for ultimate ball control and feel!
If you have played Conductor irons in the past, you know the Conductor sole and how it works on all kinds of lie!
The round sole makes hitting on any lie a smooth ride!
@ for the Ladies
I did not know Hello Kitty plays golf.
Hello Kitty Golf products offers wide variety of Hello Kitty character accessories to brighten up your golf game. 
Golf game may not go the way you want all the time.
But Hello Kitty will cheer you up!


16 yr-old Hull, 15 yr-old Ko @ Women's British Open! Rory and Brazil Olympic! MyJoy Shoes! RBZ bonded!

While PGA fedex cup has the week off, it is busy at the Women's British Open!
While 1st round is still under way, current leader Kang sits at 2 under par.
16 year old Charley Hull in her just 5th start as a professional is only 1 stroke back at 1 under par.
15 year old New Zealand sensation amateur golfer Lydia Ko sits at even par (just 2 strokes back)!
The leaderboard is packed!  Should see some exciting finish going towards the weekend.
@ Rory McIlroy
So I have been seeing many posts on the web as to who Rory will play for in the 2016 Brazil Olympics.  "Who" means which country......
Rory holds a British passport.  Yet he was born in Ireland and raised in Ireland.  Learned golf through golf programs in Ireland which helped him get to where he is.
If it is an individual stroke play event only, most people does not care which country but it's all about who will win.  (in this case, 2nd and 3rd place finish will receive a silver and bronze and get to stand on the podium!  Usually 2nd and 3rd place finish on a Tour event does not mean much).  And spectators will not really care much about which country won.
But if it was a team event, yes, who plays for what country does matter.
In the mean time, it will be up to the individual to decide.....
Saw an article on golfweek.com regarding MyJoys shoes!
Yes you can customize the colors of the shoes and have it personalized!
Fairway Golf has been helping golfers choose the right combination to match their outfit and personality with our own customizer for the MyJoys shoes!
Have fun with shoes!
fairwaygolfusa.com also added the CamCaddy to our selection:
Record your swing on your smart phone and improve your swing!
Get yours now @ fairwaygolfusa.com
and don't forget to Pre-order the Taylor Made RocketBallZ RBZ bonded driver!
if you don't need adjustability on the driver, you save $50!!!!


2XU for performance enhancement! RBZ bonded driver! Why customize irons!?

At any level, every one is looking for performance enhancement!
2XU is one of our latest addition to fairwaygolfusa.com selection.
2XU provides exceptional performance enhancing sport specific wear to improve blood circulation and comfort for many kinds of sports.
In a nut shell:
It helps your blood circulation.
It prevents unnecessary vibration of muscle and fat.
It provides UV protection.
It provides moisture wicking technology.
It is not only for marthon runners or triathletes.
Golfers will benefit from it too whether it be during training or during the round.
The compression fabric material used in the construction of 2XU is a much higher grade than those value so called "compression" wear seen in everyday store!
It is sport specific and after tons of research on athelete performance, 2XU has developed the fabric and design to enhance your performance.
Try the socks and you will feel the difference especially for those involved in lot of walking, standing during work.
Look carefully in many of the top athletes during training.  You will find the 2XU logo.
Check them out at fairwaygolfusa.com!
We are taking pre-orders for the bonded Taylor Made RBZ drivers!
Will start shipping at the end of September!
Pre-order yours today!
It is a glued version and does not have adjustability like the original models but $199.99 is a great deal for the performance.
As a golf shop, it is our job to provide the equipment that produces the best out of your swing.  Yes, some may claim that swing changes all the time but surprisingly, it does not change over night and many aspect of one's swing is very consistent.
Having proper irons is very important since it clearly affects your scoring.  Being able to hit where you want on the green is key to making birdies and/or not making bogeys.
Good short game like Rory helps but if you can increase your chances of hitting the green, you have to rely less on your short game.
Here are some of the things you need to know when selecting irons:
  • Lie angle: the head needs to come down square to the ground as much as possible or your ball will turn left or right, short or long and it might not be because of your swing.
  • Shaft:  make sure your have the proper weight and flex to match your swing.  Consistent tempo is key to a good swing.  If you hit good shots on either the beginning, middle, or end of the round but not the other, it could be shaft weight is too heavy or light and consistency depends too much on your fatigue.
  • Grip:  proper grip is key to proper release.  If the club moves too much in your hand, or cannot control and feel the clubhead turn, you probably have the wrong grip size.  Good glove size and good grip size is what makes the club function as a part of your body.
  • Length:  when the club is too short, golfers tend to bend their knees too much.  when the club is too long, golfers tend to stand too upright which prohibits from making a good turn and swing the club on a proper plane.  Make sure your shortest club in the bag is not too long or too short.
fairwaygolfusa.com offers a wide variety of custom fitting options at our CUSTOM club section.
Don't just get stock! Get customized!
for fitting questions, send us an email to:  cs@fairwaygolfusa.com