Details on MP-64 irons!

Mizuno MP-64 Irons

In my opinion, Mizuno provides the best irons in the world.
We have begun taking pre-orders for the Mizuno MP-64 irons at fairwaygolfusa.com!
Our product page offers you the options that you need to make your MP-64 personal to your game.
Here is more information regarding MP-64 irons:
Product Description:
The MP-64 is the best feeling "player's cavity" design that Mizuno has engineered.  The full body Diamond Muscle design of the Grain Flow Forged MP-64 irons delivers increased forgiveness in the long irons and enhanced control in the scoring irons.
With feel and control as top priorities, Mizuno engineers relied heavily on theuse of advanced simulation tools and input from Mizuno Staff Member Luke Donald in the development of the MP-64.  Precise control of vibration frequencies through Mizuno's Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT) paired with the utilization of the highest quality material (1025E Pure Select) in Mizuno's patented Grain Flow Forging process ensure that MP-64's player's cavity design delivers the ultimate in soft, solid, and consistent feel.  Additionally, the Diamond Muscle pad flows with varied cavity depths throughout the set resulting in easy to launch, controllable long irons and penetrating, pin seeking scoring irons.  If you're looking for the ultimate in shot making ability, look no further than the MP-64.
Product Feature:
  • Flow Thickness Diamond Muscle Pad delivers optimized perfoormance and perfect flow through the entire set.
  • Scientifically designed to optimize sound and feel at impact utilizing Modal Analysis software and Mizuno's Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT).
  • Patented Grain Flow Forged 1025E "Pure Select" mild carbon steel provide the ultimate in soft, solid, and consistent feel.
  • Tour confirmed sole and a compact, head size allow for the ultimate ability to alter shots delivering more control.
  • Modified U-Grooves produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions.
Club Loft Lie Offset Bounce Length
3 21 59.5 0.122 2 38.75
4 24 60.0 0.122 2 38.25
5 27 60.5 0.122 2 37.75
6 30 61.0 0.114 3 37.25
7 34 61.5 0.114 3 36.75
8 38 62.0 0.106 4 36.25
9 42 62.5 0.106 5 35.75
PW 46 63.0 0.106 6 35.5

Shaft options:
  • Dynamic Gold (Standard)
  • Dynalite Gold XP
  • Dynamic Gold Tour Issue
  • GS95
  • Dynamic Gold Superlite
  • Dynalite Gold XP Sensicore
  • Dynamic Gold Sensicore
  • Project X
  • Project X PXi
  • NS Pro 950
  • KBS Tour
  • KBS C-Taper
  • Matrix Program 130
  • Project X Graphite
Grip options:
  • Mizuno M-31
  • Tour Velvet
  • Tour Velvet Full Cord
  • Tour Velvet Midsize
  • Tour Velvet Jumbo
  • Tour Wrap 2G
  • Tour Wrap 2G Jumbo
  • Multicompound
  • Multicompound Midsize
  • WINN Xi7
  • Crossline
  • R.E.L. 3GEN
Loft adjustment:
+/- 2deg

Lie adjustment:

Length adjustment:
-1 inch to +1.5 inch long

Other options:
Soft step, hard stepping available
Swing weight request possible (Mizuno offers different weighted heads)

Have you decided?

Proceed to Fairway Golf MP-64 page:

MP-64 iron stock club page
MP-64 custom iron page

Thank you



Mizuno MP-64, MP-H4, JPX 825, JPX 825 Pro Irons! Taking orders NOW! @ fairwaygolfusa.com

It is official!
We are taking orders for the NEW 2013 Mizuno MP-64 irons, MP-H4 irons, JPX-825 irons, JPX-825 Pro irons:
Short Cuts to Pre-order page:
My favorite:
Luke Donald has switched!
Now available for pre-order @ fairwaygolfusa.com
You can choose 5-9P, 4-9P, or 3-9P.
Custom shaft options available!
Yes, it is hollow construction: 
The new MP-H4 iron is a hollow construction on the longer irons to play more like a hybrid.  But it looks like an iron.  This premium forged irons is much easier to hit than it looks!
Yes you can mix and match MP-64 and MP-H4 irons too!
Evolution in the game improvement catagory of Mizuno golf equipment.  It ranks highly on many review sites for its looks, feel and performance.
Mizuno is not just for better players!
If you like a smaller offset, JPX-825 Pro irons are the way to go: 
Midsize head with plenty of forgiveness without sacrificing feel.
If you like the forgiveness of the JPX-825 but don't want to settle for the offset, this is the perfect club for you!
We have a special custom page section for the above clubs to give you more options.
Custom fit your game below for length, lie and losft!
Make it personal so it works for you and not you working for the club: 
And don't forget to complete your set with this new MP-T4 wedgse!
Improved spin for maximum control!
Stop the ball on a dime!
Forged wedges at a great price!
Mizuno's grain flow forging will teach you a lot about the game!
Pre-orders your now!
If you have any questions, send us an email to: cs@fairwaygolfusa.com!

Callaway X Utility is going to be available! Labor Day Tent Sale at Fairway Golf San Diego!

Callaway has officially announced the release of the Callaway X Utility iron.
This prototype club was first introduced just prior to the US Open to the PGA Professionals.
It is a replacement of the #2, #3, #4 irons.  Lofts available are 18deg, 21deg, 24deg.
$199 for steel shaft, $229 for graphite.
Going to be available on December 1.
It is a Roger Cleveland design.  Many PGA Professionals have immediately put them in their bag.
Even the 24deg seems to be very popular among the pros.
Sign up to our newsletter at fairwaygolfusa.com to get product information and customization options as it becomes available!
@ Fairway Golf San Diego

Reminder!  Fairway Golf is having a Tent Sale during the Labor Day weekend!
If you live in Southern California, or happen to visit Southern California, please stop by for some great deals on golf equipment.
Date: 8/21/2012-9/2/2012
Fairway Golf San Diego location:
5040 Convoy St. #A
San Diego, CA 92111
See you at the shop!


Odyssey's new Protype Black putter! Bi-Matrix Shaft is HOT! Clearance section @fairwaygolfusa.com

Odyssey has just introduced their new Protype Black putters!
The Odyssey Protype Black putters are milled from 1025 carbon steel with a black PVD finish.
As you can see, the shaft is coated with black powder.
Is going to be available in 3 styles:  #2, #9 and 2-ball putters
Available in October.
Check back to fairwaygolfusa.com for product updates and pre-orders!
We are getting shafts after shafts every day and have been shipping the shafts out to our customers!
The Bi-Matrix shafts have been very popular.
Steel shaft tip and graphite body combines the best of both worlds.
Shaft choice is not only graphite OR steel, it can be a hybrid!
Get you Bi-Matrix today and hit the ball like Bubba!
Most colors and flexes in stock @ fairwaygolfusa.com
Mizuno MP-64 pre-orders are starting soon!  Very soon!
Check out fairwaygolfusa.com for all your customization options.
If you are going to get these irons, get customized!
We can get you longer, shorter, upright, flat, soft-stepped, hard-stepped, grip choices, shaft choices and more!
New shaft options that are going to be popular are:  Dynamic Gold Tour Issue and KBS C-Taper!
Reserve yours now!
Shipping starts on 9/10 from Mizuno USA.
fairwaygolfusa.com also has a clearance section on our website!
For those who have a chance to visit our San Diego location during Labor Day weekend, our San Diego location is having a tent sale!
Dates:  8/31-9/2
Don't miss this chance to get great deals on all golf equipment!
Visit our store @
See you at the shop!


Watney's clubs! Lydia Ko's clubs! What is popular on the PGA Tour! Notes from the Tour!

This is what Nick had in his bag to win the Barclay's:
Nick Watney
Driver: Titleist 913D3 (10.5 degree; Mitsubishi Diamana White Board 83x shaft)
Fairway Woods: Titleist 910F 3-wood (15 degree; Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board 93x shaft) and Titleist 910F 5-wood (19 degree; Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 8.2 shaft)
Irons (3-PW): Titleist 712 AP2 (True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts)
Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design SM4 (54 and 60 degree; True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 shafts)
Putter: Scotty Cameron Newportprototype
Ball: Titleist Pro V1x
Footwear: FootJoy FJ Sport
The 15 year old sensation had the below in her bag to win the Canadian Open as the youngest player to win the LPGA Tour event:
Lydia Ko
Driver: Fourteen (9 degree; Graphite Design Tour AD DI 5 shaft)
Fairway Woods: Fourteen 3-wood (14 degree; Graphite Design Tour AD BB 5 shaft) and Fourteen 5-wood (17 degree; Graphite Design Tour AD BB 5 shaft)
Hybrids: Adams Idea a12 (20 and 22 degree; Mitsubishi Fubuki shafts)
Irons (5-GW): Titleist AP2
Wedges: Titleist Vokey Design SM4 (56 and 60 degree)
Putter: Scotty Cameron Del Mar California
Ball: Titleist Pro V1
Footwear: FootJoy LoPro Collection
@ PGA Tour:
Nippon shaft has been a growing favorite in the Professional Tours.
They have registered over 100 wins worldwide and growing.
Nippon shafts are available as custom option in many companies.
Check out our custom club page for customization options:
Superstroke grips are more visible on the PGA Tour today!

Slightly large to very big grips with color options to help you make more putts.
You need stable hands to make those putts!
Try a new grip.  Maybe it will change your game!
Dynamic Gold Shafts have been the most popular shaft in the golf industry!
They are producing winners after winners every week on various golf tournaments around the world:
Support your team!
@ notes
913 Fairway Woods and Hybrids have been introduced on the PGA Tour last week.
Since it is a very important time for players (fedex cup), not many might be willing to change equipment.  Yet, there were quite a few who switched to using the new 913 Fairway Woods and 913 Hybrids.  Drivers will be available in November and Fairway woods and Hybrids in February.
Luke Donald has made the switch to the MP-64 irons.
Don't forget to preorder to get customized for your MP-64.  They have a wide variety of choices to make it personal.  Check out our custom page!
Enjoy Golf!


Nick Watney wins Barclays! 15 year old wins Canadian Open! Get customized irons for better ball flight!

Nick Watney wins with a full bag of Titleist Golf Equipment!
Nick Watney's usual clubs in the bag from Titleist.com:
Ball Titleist Pro V1x
Driver 913D3 Prototype
Fairway 910F
Fairway 910F
Iron AP2 (712)
Wedge Vokey Design SM4
Wedge Vokey Design SM4
Putter Scotty Cameron Prototype
Bag Titleist Staff Bag
Glove Players™ Glove
The 913D is in the bag!
It has been a tough season for Nick compared to last years performance but the playoff is a different game.  With the help of his caddie, Nick was able to close the deal at the tough Bethpage Black Course.
@ Canadian Open
Lydia Ko from New Zealand wins the Women's Canadian Open in record style.
At 15 years, 4 month and 2 days old, she is the youngest player to win an LPGA event.
She is still and amateur.
She just won the US Women's Amatuer.
Next stop for her is the RICOH women's British Open.

Fairway Golf has a custom club corner for those who are not satisfied with standard stock setup.  More than 70% of our golf club orders these days are customized in one way or the other.
Everyone swings and plays differently.  If there are 10 golfers, there would be 10 different swings.
It is important for the golf club to match the swing in order to hit the ball accurately.
At fairwaygolfusa.com, we can help you get the right clubs you need with our wide variety of customizing options:
Check out our custom clubs section:    Fairway Golf Custom Clubs Section
Golfers are not informed of all the options that a manufacturer carries as a custom option.
Fairway Golf has the information.
Mizuno has recently added the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue and KBS C-Taper shafts in their shaft mix.
When it comes to golf clubs, the choices are there!
Grips are important too!
Depending on how big your hands are, how much one sweats or what one's feel preferences are, there are choices!  And it often comes in various colors too!
Don't just get stock, get customized!
The extra time waiting (but not very long these days) and the extra up-charge for the special parts is worth every penny!
The upcharges are quite a bit less compared to what you would get charged if you go to a repair shop!
So check out our custom section for the latest equipment!
New clubs such as MP-64, MP-H4 and others will be updated soon!


New 2013 Sun Mountain Bags available for pre-order at fairwaygolfusa.com!

Sun Mountain makes fabulous bags!
Functional, colorful, and stylish!
@ fairwaygolfusa.com
Fairway Golf is taking preorders for the 2013 Sun Mountain Bags!
Be one of the first to get the bag!
Featured bags:
Great mix of traditional fabric and zipper with the functionality and style of the popular Three 5 stand bag!  No flashy stuff but classic!
Camo accent with athletic styling!  This bag is very lightweight and make your walking round more enjoyable! Quantity is limited so hurry!
This bag is for those who mostly rides a cart but want a functionality of a stand bag and room of a cart bag.  Best of both worlds.  Large top for easy club access.  Stand system for driving ranges and practice greens.  Single strap.
This is an SUV of cart bags.  Lots of room, colorful styles.  Easy access to clubs.  Handle bars on top for easy loading.  Great bag for the riders!
Fairway Golf is a preferred interenet retailer of Sun Mountain products:

Enjoy Golf


Luke Donald switches to MP-64 irons @ Barclay! Titleist 913D is forgiving! Angry Birds logo on Srixon Balls!

Luke has made the switch.  I will make the switch.
Ever since the MP-33, Luke and I seems to be playing the same clubs.
Our skills are night and day.
Mizuno MP-64 irons are HOT!  We get inquiries everyday for information.
We are creating a page with all the customizing information to let  you know to help you customize the irons to your game.
New shafts, length options, grip options, loft and lie.
They all need to be adjusted to make the clubs work for you and not the other way around.
Also got a chance to hit the new Titleist 913D products yesterday!
913D drivers have an improved face technology which produces faster ball speed. 
Modification of the positioning of the CG to the neutral axis of the club for more forgiveness.
Yes! A forgiving Titleist driver!
I have always thought of Titleist as more focused on workability (which generally reduces forgiveness) but this one is different!
Can't wait to let you know of more information!
We now have Angry Birds logo on any Srixon Golf Balls available!
Add a little fun in your game!
I know some of you are playing the game on the tee box while waiting for the hole to clear!
Maybe the Red Bird can knock your playing partners ball out of play! : )


August Top Sellers at fairwaygolfusa.com! Titleist Pro V1, Ferrari, Tour Authentic, Stitch

Can't believe August is almost over!  Fedex Cup is starting this week!
Tiger, Rory, Zach pairing will definitely be exciting to watch!
Here are the top selling products at fairwaygolfusa.com:
Don't forget that fairwaygolfusa.com has High Number Pro V1 golf balls too!
Is 5-6-7-8 your lucky number?  Our superstitious golfers love the high numbers!
Get your shoes customized!  ICON shield tip is the most popular style!
Stand out in the crowd!  Get personalized!  Choose your colors and go out in style!
This is not the standard RAZR Fit driver.  It features the dual COG system so that you can adjust loft and face angle to your precise shot making.  Now you can add loft and keep it square!  Very limited quantities available.
I thought that only Ferrari owners like to match all their outfit with Ferrari!  But seeing the number of orders come through, based on my stereotype, there must be more Ferrari owners than Toyota owners?!  It is made of fine leather.
Other Ferrari products: shirts, bags, caps are also selling well!
Simplicity and handmade quality.  Hard to see in the pictures but once you get these headcovers in  your hands, you feel the weight of the leather, traditional styling and creates a different looks to you bag!  Some people may call it old school but I call it style!
Keep golfing, keep shoppping!


Nike TW 2013 Golf shoes with FREE technology! Hard to find! Some sizes available NOW @fairwaygolfusa.com

Nike TW 2013 shoes has been so popular.
It is very hard to find.

We have few sizes available at fairwaygolfusa.com.
First come first serve basis.  Quantities limited!

Inventory information updated on our product page daily.

Hurry and get your TW13 today!


Pre-order your FootJoy Sport Spikeless Shoes @ fairwaygolfusa.com!

FootJoy has announced its popular Sport Golf Shoes in Spikeless version!

It is scheduled to start shipping in mid September!

Spikeless shoes have taken over a large chunk of the golf shoes market.

The sole design and traction has improved quite a bit.
May not be enough traction for rainy days but for an average round, it feels very comfortable.
The sole contours to your feet because of lack of spike thread components.

Less grass clogs.

I know many wear them casually too!

Go Spikeless!


Ghost Spider S putter! Fairway Golf Labor Day Tent Sale!

Read an article on the below new putter from Taylor Made:

pic from golfwrx.com

The new Taylor Made Ghost Spider S putter
Apparently more Tour players are starting to use the putter.

Remeber the Itsy Bitsy spider putter?
The smaller spider putter was a great selling putter!

I am sure once this is available at retail, it will attract a lot of golfers too!

@ Fairway Golf San Diego Retail location

Fairway Golf San Diego retail location is having a tent sale during labor day!

August 31 thru September 2nd

Come visit us for a great deal!

We have demo days scheduled too!
Mizuno, Yes Golf, Taylor Made

Stop by before your round or after your round in Sunny San Diego!

for details, please contact us:  cs@fairwaygolfusa.com



Information on 913 Prototype Fairway And Hybrid! In play at the Barclays!

The new Titleist 913 driver has been proven on Tour.

Rory won the PGA Championship!

Now the 913 Fairway Woods and Hybrids are in play on the PGA Tour!

Can't wait for more information.

New clubs are scheduled to release in November.

Don't forget to sign up to our newsletter at fairwaygolfusa.com


Steven Fox wins US Amateur! PING Anser driver adjustability is evolving.

Congratulations Steven Fox for winning the US Amatuer Title!

Article regarding Steven Fox's win at the US Amatuer on usga.org.

2 down with 2 to go in a 36 hole match!
Steven Fox comes back with birdie on 17 and fortunate break on 18.
Drains the putt on the 37th hole of the match.

Michael Weaver (opponent) qualified in to the match play 60th out of 64 qualifiers.  Steven Fox was 63rd out of 64.

It is about who wants it the most.

Great Match!

The new PING Anser drivers have hit the shelf.

PING's first adjustable hosel driver.
It changes the loft by 0.5deg weak or strong without making much impact on face angle!

When the first adjustable drivers rolled out, when loft was changed, the face angle changed.
This was primarily due to sole design.
How the club sits and how the face looks is primarily determined by the sole design (and also the height of the hand position at address).

Most golfers prefer to look at a square face angle.  Because this is how you align to your target.
It is hard for one to setup straight when your body is square to your intended target line and the face is either looking 4deg left or 2 deg open.  In such case, hitting the ball is just a coincidence.

Therefore, having a driver that looks square at address gives the golfer better feedback and the opportunity to work the ball left or right with slight modification in the setup or swing.

I am seeing that many of the new adjustable drivers that are planned for 2013 has loft adjustability without sacrificing face angle.

PING ANSER driver does not have all the bells and whistles of weight adjustment, face angle sole plate, etc. but it nails the most important trajectory control in different conditions that a golfer plays.

Some courses require roll, other courses are setup for target golf (no roll but requires precise distance control).  The loft adjustment without sacrificing face angle is what will benefit golfers to play better.

Recommended by fairwaygolfusa.com!

PING Anser driver has many custom shaft options:

Aldila Phenom
Fujikura Blur
Diamana Ahina
Aldila RIP
Aldila Serrano
Fujikura Motore Speeder
Project X Graphite
Graphite Design Tour AD
Matrix HD Radix
Matrix RUL
Matrix M3
Diamana Kaili
Fubuki Alpha
Oban Devotion
Oban Kiyoshi
UST Proforce AXIV Core
and more!
Get your drivers customized for better performance!
Please send inquries to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com for pricing and recommendations!