New 2013 Sun Mountain Bags available for pre-order at fairwaygolfusa.com!

Sun Mountain makes fabulous bags!
Functional, colorful, and stylish!
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Fairway Golf is taking preorders for the 2013 Sun Mountain Bags!
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Featured bags:
Great mix of traditional fabric and zipper with the functionality and style of the popular Three 5 stand bag!  No flashy stuff but classic!
Camo accent with athletic styling!  This bag is very lightweight and make your walking round more enjoyable! Quantity is limited so hurry!
This bag is for those who mostly rides a cart but want a functionality of a stand bag and room of a cart bag.  Best of both worlds.  Large top for easy club access.  Stand system for driving ranges and practice greens.  Single strap.
This is an SUV of cart bags.  Lots of room, colorful styles.  Easy access to clubs.  Handle bars on top for easy loading.  Great bag for the riders!
Fairway Golf is a preferred interenet retailer of Sun Mountain products:

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