Steven Fox wins US Amateur! PING Anser driver adjustability is evolving.

Congratulations Steven Fox for winning the US Amatuer Title!

Article regarding Steven Fox's win at the US Amatuer on usga.org.

2 down with 2 to go in a 36 hole match!
Steven Fox comes back with birdie on 17 and fortunate break on 18.
Drains the putt on the 37th hole of the match.

Michael Weaver (opponent) qualified in to the match play 60th out of 64 qualifiers.  Steven Fox was 63rd out of 64.

It is about who wants it the most.

Great Match!

The new PING Anser drivers have hit the shelf.

PING's first adjustable hosel driver.
It changes the loft by 0.5deg weak or strong without making much impact on face angle!

When the first adjustable drivers rolled out, when loft was changed, the face angle changed.
This was primarily due to sole design.
How the club sits and how the face looks is primarily determined by the sole design (and also the height of the hand position at address).

Most golfers prefer to look at a square face angle.  Because this is how you align to your target.
It is hard for one to setup straight when your body is square to your intended target line and the face is either looking 4deg left or 2 deg open.  In such case, hitting the ball is just a coincidence.

Therefore, having a driver that looks square at address gives the golfer better feedback and the opportunity to work the ball left or right with slight modification in the setup or swing.

I am seeing that many of the new adjustable drivers that are planned for 2013 has loft adjustability without sacrificing face angle.

PING ANSER driver does not have all the bells and whistles of weight adjustment, face angle sole plate, etc. but it nails the most important trajectory control in different conditions that a golfer plays.

Some courses require roll, other courses are setup for target golf (no roll but requires precise distance control).  The loft adjustment without sacrificing face angle is what will benefit golfers to play better.

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