August Top Sellers at fairwaygolfusa.com! Titleist Pro V1, Ferrari, Tour Authentic, Stitch

Can't believe August is almost over!  Fedex Cup is starting this week!
Tiger, Rory, Zach pairing will definitely be exciting to watch!
Here are the top selling products at fairwaygolfusa.com:
Don't forget that fairwaygolfusa.com has High Number Pro V1 golf balls too!
Is 5-6-7-8 your lucky number?  Our superstitious golfers love the high numbers!
Get your shoes customized!  ICON shield tip is the most popular style!
Stand out in the crowd!  Get personalized!  Choose your colors and go out in style!
This is not the standard RAZR Fit driver.  It features the dual COG system so that you can adjust loft and face angle to your precise shot making.  Now you can add loft and keep it square!  Very limited quantities available.
I thought that only Ferrari owners like to match all their outfit with Ferrari!  But seeing the number of orders come through, based on my stereotype, there must be more Ferrari owners than Toyota owners?!  It is made of fine leather.
Other Ferrari products: shirts, bags, caps are also selling well!
Simplicity and handmade quality.  Hard to see in the pictures but once you get these headcovers in  your hands, you feel the weight of the leather, traditional styling and creates a different looks to you bag!  Some people may call it old school but I call it style!
Keep golfing, keep shoppping!