Take a look at these Japanese clubs! Srixon, Taylor Made, Callaway, Odyssey!

You have to admit Japan makes pretty good electronics.

Did you also know that they make fine golf equipment?  Not sure why these are not available in the United States but I surfed on the web and found these products that I want to put my hands on:

The theme for this driver is "Aggressive Style".
They are going to be available starting 8/24 and 9/15.

They seem to have figured out that heavier head weight gives you more distance.
All 3 models have increased club head weights.

Yes the trend is heavier head, lighter shaft.

At 46.5 inches and the adjustments, this should make it as the longest adjustable driver out their (unless you customize something even at even longer length).

Taylor Made promotes it as the most forgiving and longest.
It is under 290 grams at this length!!!!

Swingweight under D4!


This is the putter that has been recently talked about.
Phil Mickelson uses a modified version (obviously since Japan does not have a lefthand model).

It is the #9 model with a high toe thus HT.

Adjustable weight technology.

I want one!

Callaway Legacy is a very popular model in Japan.
It features many of the US technology such as VFT technology.

The cup face and hyperbolic crwon technology in all titanium gives the looks, sound, forgiveness and distance for all kinds of players!

They all look great!

What are your thoughts on Japanese clubs?

If there is any clubs that you want information on, please let us know and our Japanese staff will translate it for you!

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