Luke Donald switches to MP-64 irons @ Barclay! Titleist 913D is forgiving! Angry Birds logo on Srixon Balls!

Luke has made the switch.  I will make the switch.
Ever since the MP-33, Luke and I seems to be playing the same clubs.
Our skills are night and day.
Mizuno MP-64 irons are HOT!  We get inquiries everyday for information.
We are creating a page with all the customizing information to let  you know to help you customize the irons to your game.
New shafts, length options, grip options, loft and lie.
They all need to be adjusted to make the clubs work for you and not the other way around.
Also got a chance to hit the new Titleist 913D products yesterday!
913D drivers have an improved face technology which produces faster ball speed. 
Modification of the positioning of the CG to the neutral axis of the club for more forgiveness.
Yes! A forgiving Titleist driver!
I have always thought of Titleist as more focused on workability (which generally reduces forgiveness) but this one is different!
Can't wait to let you know of more information!
We now have Angry Birds logo on any Srixon Golf Balls available!
Add a little fun in your game!
I know some of you are playing the game on the tee box while waiting for the hole to clear!
Maybe the Red Bird can knock your playing partners ball out of play! : )