Fourteen New RM-21 Wedges

Fourteen Golf is a Japanese golf manufacturer well known in Japan for its quality in design and performance of all their golf equipment from Drivers to wedges.
For 2015, Fourteen golf has the new RM-21 wedges lined up to provide exceptional spin and control around the greens.
Every design of the Fourteen golf equipment has a reason.  A reason for improving performance.  It is the attention to detail and science behind the scene that makes Fourteen Golf equipment exceptional.
The RM-21 wedges come in 2 finishes:
Fourteen RM-21 Black Fourteen RM-21 Nickel
The wedge provides the tools to attack the flag aggressively.  With it's exceptional spin and trajectory control, you can fly the ball to the flag and worry less about roll and how it is going to roll and how long it is going to roll.  Takes the roll out of the equation.  Yes, it is a conforming wedge and there are Tour Players around the world using Fourteen Golf wedges.
When you have to start thinking about where the ball will land and how it will bounce and how much it will roll and the line it will keep rolling, there is too much to think about.  With a wedge with improved volume of grooves and reverse muscle design, Fourteen is able to provide the spin it needs to give you distance control and fly the ball to the flag.
The new RM-21 wedges start from a 42deg with a sole that blends well from the irons to wedges with a more square sole design.  As you get higher in lofts, the sole design rounds to accommodate various shots.  In the higher lofts, it gives you the wider sole option for softer turf.
Fourteen Golf wedges has been a wedge that fairwaygolfusa.com has represented and promoted.  We assure the quality of the wedge and the spin performance is exceptional.  It is a wedge that we definitely recommend.


Taylor Made Japan Glore F Driver

Taylor Made Japan has the Glore F Driver and has been ranked #1 selling driver 3 weeks in a row!
Taylor Made Glore F Driver
The new and redesigned Glore F driver has been the #1 played driver in the Japanese LPGA Tour
Taylor Made Glore F Driver
The new Glore F driver features the new Speed Pocket on the sole.  Slightly different from the slot that we see on the US models.  Forged face for explosive ball speed and feel with sweet spot expanded thanks to the Speed Pockets.
Taylor Made Glore F Driver
Same concept of more loft, forward CG technology to maximize carry distance and reduced spin.
Taylor Made Glore F Driver


Taylor Made R15

R15 just got introduced in Japan.  I assume it will soon be officially announced in the US as all the instagrams and forums are revealing the new product.
Below is the information on the New Taylor Made R15 Driver, Fairway and Rescue from the Taylor Made Japan Website (images from Taylor Made Japan website):
There will be 2 sizes:  460 and 430 models:
Taylor Made R15 460 Driver
This is the 460 model.  Notice the new front track system.  Higher trajectory, low spin is the key to the concept just like the SLDR driver.
Taylor Made R15 430 Driver
It is hard to see the difference in the size in an image but above is the 430 model.  Both models are white drivers.
The main features of the new Taylor Made R15 are the:
  • New Front Track System
  • Inverted cone technology (which is one of the face technology developed a while ago and is very effective)
  • +/- 2deg loft adjustment
Taylor Made R15 info
As you can see in the image above, the Front Track Technology can be adjusted to 4 extreme settings (and everything in between):
  • Max Fade:  Both weights on the toe side
  • Standard: Both weights in the middle
  • Stability: Maximum perimeter weighting for forgiveness
  • Max Draw : Both weights on the heel side to move CG closer to heel to help head turnover.
Taylor Made R15 info 2
The above diagram shows you the features and technology used in the driver
  • Ultra thin crown to help move weight lower.  The thickness of the crown is 0.4mm
  • Front Track System is the 2 movable weights at the bottom.  Now closer to face compared to the SLDR
  • Inverted Cone Technology of the face.  So that you don't lose ball speed on hits missing the sweet spot.
  • Improved Low Forward CG:  Higher trajectory, lower spin for more distance
  • Sliding Split weight.  The movable weights at the bottom are 12.5 grams each
Taylor Made R15 Fairway
Taylor Made Japan also shows the new R15 Fairway Wood.
Unlike the R15 Drivers, it features a single front track weight which is 22 grams.
But it does allow 2 deg loft adjustability with the shaft sleeve.
Taylor Made R15 Rescue
The R15 family also features the Rescue.
It does not have the front track system but has the Speed Pocket.
Compact shaped inspired by the feedback from tour players.
The adjustment on the sleeve is +/- 1.5deg.
Headcover looks simple and has the racing look to it.
Japan features the above 5 shafts on the drivers but I am sure Taylor Made US will offer various more options.


Fourteen TC888 Irons

Fourteen TC888 irons have been announced.
The New Fourteen TC888 irons will launch in December.
If you have never heard of Fourteen Golf, Fourteen Golf is a Japanese golf equipment company and it's mission is to provide the best 14 clubs in the bag.  Fourteen wedges are the number selling wedge in Japan featuring its aggressive grooves and CG design to produce exceptional spin.
Each club is designed with a purpose, a trajectory.  There is always a reason to their designs.  Not just for show.
Fourteen TC888 Iron
Long irons are designed with a deeper cavity with deep CG to produce higher trajectory with moderate spin to make the ball land softly on the green and stop the ball on the green to accurately hit the exact yardage you are looking for.
Irons that produce roll is not an effective club as roll is unpredictable and players get inconsistent yardage which does not help a golfers score.
Fourteen TC888 Iron
Medium positioned CG to provide golfers the ability to hit aggressive full swing and control shots to give the golfers the ability to manage the environment to hit the shot that they envision.
Fourteen TC888 Iron
On the short irons, similar technology from their wedge designs have been incorporated to produce accurate spin control to attack the flag.
Fourteen TC888 Iron
The design of the new TC888 incorporates similar design form their FH1000 forged irons of reverse muscle design.
It enables a much more stable shot on vertical miss shots.
Fourteen TC888 Iron
Fourteen Golf equipment is for the golfers seeking results.  They do have different models for different types of players.  Not everyone can hit a muscle back.  Not everyone needs spin control.  Some may look for pure distance.
Fourteen has it.
Try their wedges and you will be pleasantly surprised.
Fourteen TC888 Iron
Fourteen Golf equipment page:  http://goo.gl/AROJss
Custom options available.
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