Fourteen New RM-21 Wedges

Fourteen Golf is a Japanese golf manufacturer well known in Japan for its quality in design and performance of all their golf equipment from Drivers to wedges.
For 2015, Fourteen golf has the new RM-21 wedges lined up to provide exceptional spin and control around the greens.
Every design of the Fourteen golf equipment has a reason.  A reason for improving performance.  It is the attention to detail and science behind the scene that makes Fourteen Golf equipment exceptional.
The RM-21 wedges come in 2 finishes:
Fourteen RM-21 Black Fourteen RM-21 Nickel
The wedge provides the tools to attack the flag aggressively.  With it's exceptional spin and trajectory control, you can fly the ball to the flag and worry less about roll and how it is going to roll and how long it is going to roll.  Takes the roll out of the equation.  Yes, it is a conforming wedge and there are Tour Players around the world using Fourteen Golf wedges.
When you have to start thinking about where the ball will land and how it will bounce and how much it will roll and the line it will keep rolling, there is too much to think about.  With a wedge with improved volume of grooves and reverse muscle design, Fourteen is able to provide the spin it needs to give you distance control and fly the ball to the flag.
The new RM-21 wedges start from a 42deg with a sole that blends well from the irons to wedges with a more square sole design.  As you get higher in lofts, the sole design rounds to accommodate various shots.  In the higher lofts, it gives you the wider sole option for softer turf.
Fourteen Golf wedges has been a wedge that fairwaygolfusa.com has represented and promoted.  We assure the quality of the wedge and the spin performance is exceptional.  It is a wedge that we definitely recommend.