Mizuno MP-54 Custom Options

Mizuno's new MP-54 irons are available with custom options to fit your game!
MP-54 irons are called the modern classic.  It is a club for those who likes to shape shots but needs a little forgiveness.  Slightly thicker profile gives you the confidence at setup. 
Milled pocket cavity in the long and middle irons give you a higher launch and steeper angle of landing for precision distance control and predictability.
Shorter irons feature blade like design for trajectory and spin control for pinpoint accuracy.
All Mizuno irons can be customized to fit your game.
at fairwaygolfusa.com, MP-54 irons can be customized so that you are able to fine tune your irons to connect your swing to the performance of the head.
Recently, KBS Shafts have been a very popular choice along with the Nippon shafts: 
What is unique about fairwaygolfusa.com is that we offer Iomic grips for the Mizuno irons.  Iomic grips remain tacky for a looong time.  Regular grips tend to oxidize and harden over time, but Iomic remains tacky.  You might wear them out after many many use but I am sure you need to regrip less number of times than traditional rubber grips:
But if you like the traditional Golf Pride, Lamkin grips we have them too:
We highly recommend the Iomic Grips!
MP-54 irons available with the following options:
  • Dexterity:  RH or LH
  • Length: -1 inch to +2 inches
  • Loft: +/- 2 degrees
  • Lie:  3 deg flat to 4 deg upright
  • Grips:  fairwaygolfusa.com will install your favorite grips
  • Shaft Stepping: soft step or hard step
More you play with the wrong setup, the worse your swing gets.
You might have a consistent swing.  Now all you need is a right specification to match your swing.
send email to: cs@fairwaygolfusa.com