Visit to the Callaway Performance Center

Had an opportunity to visit the Callaway Performance Center in Carlsbad.
It is a place where exciting things happen for Callaway and the golf industry.
It is a place where pros come and test out their current equipment, or new equipment.
It is a place where new products are tested out.
It is a place where I got to see the new Callaway products and hit a few!
Located in Carslbad, it is situated few miles away from Callaway Headquaters in a secluded section of the business district.
I am sure everyone knows about the new Callaway APEX irons coming out.
After hitting a few shots, I was very convinced that Callaway designes and creates a very forgiving iron.
In the old days, forgiving irons looked big and bulky.  And that was what forgiveness was about.  Larger head for bigger sweetspot, wide sole for gliding through the turf rather than digging in, thick topline for visual confidence.
But those days are coming to an end.  The designers and developers are figuring out how to blend aesthetics and performace so golfers can look cool, hit good shots and feel good about playing the game.
I think that many forgiving golf clubs few years back were not visually pleasing to the professional golfers.  But the designs and looks have been refined to attract better players to try the clubs and I am sure after hitting the modern clubs, many of them are switching to more forgiving golf clubs.
Callaway's 2014 line was very promising.  Looked exciting.  Key is to hit it, see and feel how easy to hit.  Maybe we are just talking about a 5 yard gain on many of the clubs but the ball seems to jump off every face of the club and makes you feel that you got stronger.
Don't forget to wish for golf clubs for the holidays!
or you will be left behind