Miura in Black

There is something about Miura irons.
Something special that makes people want to hit it.
Golfers come in to Fairway Golf and hit our demo Miura golf clubs.  They keep hitting.
They keep on hitting to make sure that what they are feeling is not a coincidence.
Miura is the premium forged irons manufactured in Japan.  Himeji, Japan.
It is not just about looks.  Performance, feel, and experience plays a large role in making Miura clubs special.
The latest addition to the Miura golf equipment is the black irons:
Miura Golf limited edition Forged Black Blades
This is the matte black finish of the tournament blades.  Non-glare finish.
Imagine building this up with a black ferrule, black finish KBS custom shaft, and a grip of your choice.
Fairway Golf can do it!
Below is an explanation of the black finish from Miura golf:
"The LFBB finish is the same as on Miura's Black Wedges. Like the wedges, these irons will show gradual, desirable wear with repeated use. But "wear" doesn't mean "wear out." Instead, it's more like a breaking in, a personalization no different than the one that occurs with your favorite baseball glove or the skates you want in the games that matter.
This personalized settling-in of the finish will differ slightly for every player. But in general, the black finish will mature over time to a silvery gray, mostly on the center of the clubface and on the sole, starting at the leading edge. Time in the sun enters into it, as well as the turf the golfer usually encounters. In the end, the Limited Forged Black Blades will be distinctively Miura, and distinctively each golfer's own - and always a joy to look at as well as play."
The other exciting iron is the CB-501 in Black Boron finish:
Miura Golf has gone through number of designs to perfect the CB-501 to be the forgiving iron with a feel and trajectory of a muscle back iron.
The positioning of the weights gives a solid feel and a strong ball flight.
But the "sweet spot" muscle back design (positioning more mass behind the sweet spot) allows off center hits to enjoy the benefits of a cavity back (perimeter weighting design).
And don't forget about their hybrids!
The Miura HB hybrids are designed to blend in with the flow of the Miura irons.
The looks of the face was deisgned to blend in to the Miura irons.
The Miura hybrids were designed with a shot in mind.  A hybrid shot with pinpoint accuracy just like the irons.  This hybrid is not designed to keep the ball in play but to attack the flag.
It is easy to hit.  Has all the benefits of a hybrid (forgiveness, trajectory) and an ability to aim a target just like the Miura irons.
If you already have a set of Miura irons, this is a great addition to your bag!
If you are interested in Miura golf equipment, just send us an email and we will help you pick the right one!