Nippon shaft wins the fedex cup!

The Fedex Cup winner Henrik Stenson played the Modus 3 120 X flex shaft to capture his win at the Tour Championship.
Nippon shaft is a Japanese Shaft company providing the best quality and consistency in performance.
Yes it is a JDM.  It is made in Japan.
With over 100 wins around the world, the Nippon shaft is becoming to be a familiar name in the iron shaft category.
Many manufacturers provide custom options to provide Nippon Shafts.
The most popular ones are 950GH and the Modus3 shafts.
Did you know that steel shaft was illegal when it was first introduced in 1914?
The steel shaft back then was about 50 gram lighter than the shafts used at the time.
It became illegal because it hit too far.
In 1926, USGA approved use of steel shafts.
But for 12 years, it was non-conforming to the rules of golf.
Maybe anchored putter rule will be turned over in the future.....
Q&A (translation from Japan Nippon Shaft page):
Q: Does shaft become weaker?
A: Over time and use, steel does become weaker through metal fatigue.  It depends on how often the shaft is used but at the professional level, shafts are often replaced every 6 months to a year.  For average amateurs, it may take 10 years.  If you feel that shaft starts feeling softer, maybe it is time to change.
Q: What is unique about the 950GH shafts?
A: Through the use of patented material, original production process and highly advanced technology, Nippon shaft produces the highest quality performance shafts.  The 950GH model has a stiffer design from the middle to the butt end allowing players to load easier and allows the tip section to acceralate through impact.  It is a shaft designed for a wide range of players.
Q: What is unique about the Modus3?
A: Modus3 shafts are designed based on feedback from US PGA Tour players.  Focus is on ball control.  The original line up of shafts (i.e. 950GH) was very easy to swing and hit the ball yet for the strong and better players, sometimes the ball drifted which make them lose control of the ball.  Thus the Modus3 was developed to give the stronger, better players a more consistent ball control.
On your next set of irons, we recommend trying out the Nippon shafts!
There is always a model that suites your game.

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