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It has been announced.
USGA has proposed to prohibit anchoring style stroke from golf.
Announcement made today.
Illustration of the proposed change in rule by USGA.
Yet this is not a rule in effect and only a proposal, if it passes in the next few months, the rule is going to official implemented in 2016 rule change.
Why now?
The USGA explanation was that the style of stroke that anchors the club to any parts of body other than your hands is not the way the game should be played.
It is not about advantage or making the game easier.  It is just a definition of how a stroke should be made.
They resort to no scientific studies about the advantages of an anchoring stroke.
It is just not for putting (yet putting is pretty obvious for belly and long putters) but for all strokes during the game of golf.
Curious to see the reactions.
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