What clubs are popular in Japan? New popular drivers!

As many of you know, there are many clubs in Japan not available in the US.
Here are some models that are very popular amongst Japanese golfers:
Fourteen Golf 30th Anniversary model
Fourteen CT-112 driver!
Maximum COR
47inch setting.
The answer to the longest driver in the world!
XXIO Seven Driver
Fairway Golf has XXIO demos for you to try! Please visit our store!
XXIO series has been a very popular series in Japan for many years.
Forgiveness and distance is hard to match!
Bridgestone TourStage X-Drive GR driver
Designed for the athlete golfer who desires strong penetrating ball flight.
Great combination of looks and technology.
Royal Collection BBD 105V driver
As with many Japanese golf equipment, the design and looks is very simple and traditional.
Known for their fairway woods, Royal Collection drivers are gaining popularity!
Taylor Made Gloire Driver
This one is for the Japanese market only!
Aerodyanmic design to maximize distance.
Callaway Legacy Black driver
440 cc head
Designed for ball workability for better or aspiring golfers.
Legacy line of products is the main Callaway line in Japan!
Mizuno craft H4 driver
Mizuno driver designed for the better players.
As you know with their irons, Mizuno values visiual aesthetics.
It must look pleasing to the eye to the better player to promote confidence.
There are many golf clubs around the world that has not been introduced in the US market.
Which one would you play?