Gauge Design and Whitlam Golf, Top 5 reasons you should take a look!

If you don't know Whitlam Golf or Gauge Design, you don't know some of the cleanest, prettiest clubs available. All of the putters are made in the USA, Milled in the USA. All of the irons are forged in Japan. That means all of Whitlam Golf and Gauge Design clubs are of the highest quality. If you like look, craftsmanship and quality of other brands "Tour" products but don't want to pay the ridiculous price those other brands charge, then try Whitlam Golf / Gauge Design.

1. Putters milled/made in the USA
2. Irons/Wedges are forged in Japan.
3. Beautiful tour spec clubs
4. The perfect blend of today's technology and yesterday's designs.
5. Not the brand everyone else plays

The putters: 100% Made in the USA, 100% Milled in the USA. These designs are modern day take on the classic putters. How do you make an "Anser" style putter better? First of all, you mill it out of the best steel available. Second, you clean up the design, smoothing out some of the lines and edges. Third, you give it the weight of a tour putter. Last but not least, give it a finish that screams "winner". That's exactly what Whitlam Golf and Gauge Design putters have and those other guys are lacking.

Irons and Wedges: Whitlam Golf and Gauge Design irons and wedges are forged in Japan (where all good forged clubs are made). These are players' clubs, designed to control every aspect of your golf shots. If you like minimal offset and compact heads in your irons, look no further than the muscle backs. If you are a player, but need just a little more forgiveness, then go with the cavity backs. Better players know how to generate back spin with the wedges, in fact some times it's hard to control the amount of spin. Not with the Gauge Design T.C.G. ("Tour Conforming Grooves") wedges, these wedges have conforming grooves that don't shred covers of the golf ball. The T.C.G. wedges have a nice rounded shape that can slide under the ball from any lie.

Now that you know Whitlam Golf and Gauge Design, be the first in your group to game some of the best putters, irons and wedges available. Feel free to contact us through our website, www.fairwaygolfusa.com.