Miura, We sell more than just the irons!

Miura caps are now available at Fairway Golf USA! We have four different colored adjustable caps; red with white, blue with white, light blue or dark blue. We also have Miura Fitted hats in black or white. These Miura hats are a great way to support one of the best golf brands out there!
Hats and bags (Miura stand bags are also available) are great, but when it comes to Miura…   …it’s all about the custom irons! We carry everything Miura has to offer (Passing Point 9003, CB-201, CB-202, CB-501, Tournament Blades, Series 1957 Small Blades and the Limited Edition Black Blades). Add your favorite shaft and grip at no up charge and you have the last set of irons you will every need! Due to Miura’s restrictions, we cannot post any prices, but contact us through our website: www.fairwaygolfusa.com.
Miura KM-350 Putters
Miura doesn’t stop with just hats, bags and irons. No Miura offers some of the beautiful putters around. The KM-350 model, pictured above, is a stubby blade putter that screams “This putt is going in!” Also available are the KM-005 and KM-006 models, for the player who like the classic offset blade style putter. Go to Fairway Golf USA’s Custom Page and match these Miura putters with UST Frequency Filtered Putter Shaft and you will have the ultimate “feel” putter money can buy.
Miura K-Grind Wedges
When it comes to wedge grinds, Miura does it right. Take a look at the Series 1957 “K” Grind wedge above, the scalloped grind looks a bit weird. But this thing is amazing, just the right amount of bounce from any lie. Anyone who has played a Miura “K” Grind wedge will tell you that this wedge just glides through sand or rough. The Series 1957 “C” and “Y” Grinds are also great wedges, the same solid yet soft feel that you get from all of Miura’s forged clubs!
Interested in Miura and hearing first hand feedback, contact Fairway Golf USA at www.fairwaygolfusa.com!