New Wedge concept: Renegar RX12 Wedges

This wedge demand is on the rise!
Check out the new Renegar Wedges!
Renegar RX12 Wedges

Mr. Renegar has been designing wedges for years.

The unique feature about this wedge is:
  • Sold design:
    • the indentation on the sole allows the wedge to setup square.  It literally sits flat and sharp looking at address
    • It reduces effective bounce at square setup yet when you open the wedge, the sole design adds bounce so that it prevents the club from digging in to the turf/ground.
    • So it is a wedge that you can use for both tight lies and fluffy condition.
  • Shaft
    • Aldila Renegar DTS wedge graphite shaft is the only option
    • 105 gram
    • Kick point optimized for wedge performance
    • Higher kickpoint than standard steel
    • keeps ball low yet producing enough spin
Available lofts: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 deg

Don't be scared of graphite shaft!  Graphite shaft has more character!

The fact is, we are getting more and more orders each day! 

Now available at Fairway Golf USA (www.fairwaygolfusa.com)

This one is for you!