Renegar Golf – Proven sold design and concept wedge

Renegar Golf – A New Idea in Wedge Design!

A better short game is the key to playing better golf! That’s no secret. Although there are a lot of golf club manufacturers telling you that you need their latest driver to play better golf. It’s simple math people, you hit 14 drives per a round but you probably use your wedges twice as many times. So your wedges should be a very important part of your bag!

That’s where Renegar Golf comes in! The RX12 Wedge is meticulously engineered and precision manufactured to work for every golfer at every skill level in every playing situation. The RX12 Wedge features more bounce with a lower leading edge. This makes getting the under the ball easier while keeping the wedge from digging too much. Doesn’t that sound like the best wedge available? Well Renegar Golf didn’t stop there, they paired this beautifully designed head with an Aldila DTS Tour Control shaft. This shaft gives you better playability and feel than a steel shaft. The RX12 Wedge has been tested by tour professionals, good amateur players and weekend warriors. Everyone loved the ease of use and feel of this great wedge. So if you are looking to really improve your scores, you should be looking at the Renegar Golf RX12 Wedges!