2014 Taylor Made JAPAN Gloire Series Golf Equipment announced!

On 10/8, Taylor Made Japan has officially announced their new "Gloire" golf equipment.
Gloire is a Japan specific model which unfortunately will not be sold in the United States.
New Gloire Driver:
The Gloire series of golf club was designed for higher and longer trajectory in all their equipment.  The new 2014 line up includes: Driver, Fairway Wood, Rescue, Iron and Golf balls.
It is expected to hit the floor of Japanese golf shops on 12/5/2013.
The Driver has a high launch and draw biased characteristic.
The main feature of the driver is the Gloire Speed Face which is:
  • Made of 70 layers of graphite composite
  • enables lighter headweight
  • 30% larger face area and 55% larger sweetspot compared to a titanium face
  • of course, the adjustable loft
As the president of Taylor Made Japan (Mr. Yamawaki) puts it: "Japanese golfers pursue ultimate distance, thus, Taylor Made is offering the most distance that modern technology can offer."
It is designed for an amateur average golfer.  Most average golfers need the higher launch and a draw bias to produce the most distance.
Gloire Fairway Wood
The fairway wood does not have a carbon face.  But has Beta Titanium and new Speed Pocket Technology.  2 Tungsten weights are positioned closer to the face enabling Low Forward CG which produces high trajectory but low spin for more distance.
*Tungsten weights are 18 grams each. 
Gloire Rescue
The rescue has the 475 Stainless Steel face.  It also has the new Speed Pocket and 7 gram weight positioned closer to the face for Low Forward CG design.  Result is high trajectory and low spin.
Gloire Iron feature:
  • Speed Pocket
  • 450PLUS face for maximum CT
  • 20grams of tungsten positioned on the toe for stability at impact
Gloire UD Golf Ball feature:
  • Distance Urethane golf ball
  • 322 dimple pattern
  • Ideal for low to mid club head speed
  • 5 piece construction
Gloire golf equipment are also available in ladies too.
$850 suggested retail for stock shaft for the driver
$950 suggested retail for Fubuki K50 shaft for the driver
For more information visit:
(it is in japanese)