XXIO8 announced in Japan

XXIO brand golf equipment is one of the best selling model in Japan.
They have just annouced the XXIO8 series of golf equipment which is scheudled to debut in Japan on December 7, 2013 in Japan.
We don't hear much about the XXIO brand in the US but they are available through select golf shops (which fairwaygolfusa.com is one of them (please inquire to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com).
They have a special website dedicated to the new launch of the XXIO8:
Why is XXIO so popular?
For a club to have a long running reputation like the XXIO model, it has to perform.  It has a reputation of being easy to swing and very forgiving.  The XXIO series has been around for over 14 years.
Their 7th generation keeps selling and most likely has over 30% market share in Japan.
For a country where golf clubs are much more expensive than the US (it is not unusual for people to spend $800 on a driver), golfers (especially beginning golfers) do not want to make the mistake of buying the wrong club.  With such high reputation for its forgiveness, both the golf shops and golfers are comfortable choosing XXIO as the club to buy because they can't go wrong.
Who should play XXIO?
With the stock set up, in my opinion, it caters to a more older golfing market.  Average swing speed between 70 mph to 90 mph.
It is generally very light and the shaft is more flexible compared to many american standards.
But if you are going to reshaft it and make it personalized for your swing, I would say "go for it"!
If you have any questions regarding Japanese clubs, send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com