Fairway Golf's Kei Kita wins USGA Girl's Junior Championship on the bag!

While the majority of the golfers are focused on the British Open (which was a great one), Fairway Golf Mountain View's Kei Kita was busy on the bag at the USGA Girl's Junior Championship at Lake Merced!

Here is a great article from the USGA website:

Great accomplishment by Kei Kita!  Congratulations!

This year has been a great year for our Fairway Golf family.
Joe Dolby (former Fairway Golf staff) made it to the final qualifying round for the US Open.
Just to get there is an accomplishment of its own.
Great job Joe!  Keep trying and hope to see you on TV in the future!

It is great to see our staff support and participate in great events!

Keep up the good work!