Miura Golf Equipment - equipment made by a legendary craftsman

Katsuhiro Miura is a master craftsman.
He is still hands on with his creation of fine golf equipment.

Golf equipment is still a mix of technology and art.  Miura Golf from Japan delivers one of the finest golf equipment in the world.

Feel and aesthetics is what distinguishes Miura.
Each head is hand ground by Miura craftsman for precision and expression that each of the edges provide.
You can feel the passion of the craftsman just by looking at the golf clubs!

 Miura has now introduced their new Passing Point PP-9003 irons:
Passing Point series equipment is designed to reach out to all levels of golfers.
The golf clubs becomes your friend.

Fairway Golf has a custom center website to help you choose your custom golf clubs including Miura Golf:

For clubs not listed on our website, send us an email to: cs@fairwaygolfusa.com and we will help you find the equipment that you are looking for!

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