Oakley Kitchen Sink Back Pack is best!

Every year, we seem to sell out of this product pretty quickly:

This is the bag that represents Oakley culture.
Style, function and concept.

 There are compartments to store your cell phone and other gadgets.
 Place to store extra pair of shoes or just store your shoes at the beach.

It also fits 17 inch laptops and many other items that you may need in your endevour.

Summer is the time you go hiking, camping, to the beach, or family vacation!
There are so many things (extra shirt, towels, water, sandals, wetsuits, etc.) that you may need on your trip.

This Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack will accomodate most of your necessities and make your trip more enjoyable.

Get you Kitchen Sink BackPack today at fairwaygolfusa.com:

Hope everyone has a great summer!