Why is Zach Johnson so consistent on the PGA Tour?

We all know Zach Johnson is a great golfer.

I don't think it is because he bombs the driver or comes up with an unbelievable recovery shots.
But he can win tournaments like how he did at the John Deere Classic last week.

I believe one of the reason is his putting and the putter.

He is the #1 in the putter ranking on the PGA Tour for the 2012 season.
He only needed 101 putts for the 4 rounds to clinch the trophy!

Zach has been using the Seemore putter for a looooong time:

Seemore putter

It features the Riflescope Technology which helps you align correctly by covering the red dot with the shaft at setup.

It takes the guess work of proper face direction, proper loft, eye position and ball position which often is the leading cause of missed putts.

Mistakes during setup leads to improper roll and wrong direction.

I often hear people say "I pulled it!" or "I pushed it!".
But many times, those golfers' alignment is really off.
Their body alignment is where they want to setup but the putter is facing the wrong way.

I am confident that this simple alignment technology will help your game or at least give you one less thing to worry about:


It is proven on the tour!  I am sure it will help your game.

Sink more putts!