Ryo Ishikawa with Callaway?! Yururi wedges customized! McIlroy defeats Tiger at Duel at Jinsha Lake

Just read news in Yahoo Japan website regarding Ryo Ishikawa may be close to signing a contract with Callaway in 2013.
After 5 years with Yonex, Ryo might be moving on.
It might be an indication that he is more commited to play in US but Callaway is also very popular in Japan too.
The contract is said to be worth $7million per year.
Ryo has not being playing well lately outside of Japan.  But maybe due to jet lag.
I hope he commits more time in US.  Get familiarized with the golf course and battle for the win.
It will be exciting for Callaway!
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McIlroy defeats Tiger by 1 stroke at Jinsha Lake!
I would like to see Tour Players play more municipal courses in exhibition and see how low they can score!