Use SmartSwing to view your swing in 3D and improve your game! SmartSwing in stock @ fairwaygolfusa.com!

May be a little early for a Holiday gift but this item is a great product for any golfer!
Just place this small clip on to the shaft of any club:  from driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron, wedges, to putter!
Download the application on your iPhone/ipad!
Everytime you swing, it will record your swing on your device!
It measures swing speed, tempo, angle of attack, and face angle instantly!
You can specify which club it was!
You can compare your swing with your best swing!
Know your good swings! Know your bad swings to fix it!
Feedback helps you swing better!
It also gives you the 3D version of  your swing.
You can view it from the top, behind, front or any angle.
It tracks your takeaway and downswing and could see what your swing is really like!
Enjoy and improve your game!