Titleist 712U! Adams Launch Lab Driver new Racing Stripes! There is talk on the new 2013 Nike Driver!

Titleist has released pics on the Titleist 712U on their twitter:
Titleist 712U utility iron
Titleist has had a iron like utility in the past like the
503h iron
503i prototype utility iron
I think this one is a modification of the 503i that was played on the tour a while ago.
Hollow construction has been around but has seen more introduction like the Mizuno MP-H4 irons.
Curious to see how it will play.
@ fairwaygolfusa.com
We have the new Adams Launch Lab new Racing Stripes drivers!
Adams Launch Lab Racing Stripe drivers
Cool graphics!
Low launch, low spin
May match the color of your Viper!
@ web
There has been more and more talks on the new Nike driver on the web.
Hoping to get some visual on web soon.....