2014 Japanese Golf Clubs - Bridgestone X-Blade, Mizuno MP Craft 513, Callaway Legacy Black Driver

Winter is the time when new Japanese Golf Equipment is announced.
Japan gets pretty cold in the winter time.
Right now in November on average, temperature is in the high 50s and as goes down to the 30s in the coldest days.
Japanese golfers seem to be excited about few of the models coming out this winter:
1. Bridgestone Tour Stage X-Blade Limited Irons
The Tour Stage X-Blade Limited is a combo set based on the following 3 models:
  • #3,4,5 iron on the 709CB iron
  • #6,7,8 on the 709MC iron
  • #9,P based on the 909 iron
4500 sets limited
with a Modus3 shaft, 7 piece set will cost about $1300
2. Mizuno MP Craft 513 Driver
Much like the MP series of irons, the driver is made to shape shots.
Trajectory is like an extension of irons
There is 2 models:  Power version and Normal version
Driver price is just under $800
3. Callaway Legacy Black Driver
Low spin, penetrating trajectory
There is a 460cc and 440cc
460cc is high trajectory draw biased for medium club head speed
440cc is penetrating trajectory for faster club head speed
Adjustable loft: -1 deg to +2deg
Adjustable face: Neutral or Draw
Adjustable sole weight:  2g, 7g, 12g
About $950 with stock shaft
$1100 with Tour AD GT or Motore Speeder 661
Wow, Japanese clubs are up there.
but you can count on quality and precision

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