What are XXIO8 Japanese golf clubs? One of the best selling golf clubs in Japan

Touched a little on the new XXIO8 series of golf clubs introduced in Japan in previous blog.
But here is a little more information regarding the new XXIO8 golf clubs:
The concept of the new XXIO8 golf clubs was based on the maximizing Swing MOI.
Made the grip 10 gram lighter
Shaft 1 gram lighter
Increased head weight by 1 gram
Easier to swing, More distance
Light overall weight but not too light to swing.
XXIO is a brand of SRI (Sumitomo Rubber Incorporated) which owns the Srixon brand and Cleveland Golf.
XXIO8 will be making its way to the United States next year!
With the stock setup, I will recommend to mid to low swing speed players looking for more distance.
Especially recommended for ladies and seniors!
If interested, send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com