What about balls? My personal golf ball recommendation (Part 1)

Last minute gift? Golfer but don't know what to get for the Holidays?

Buy some golf balls.

Golfers always need golf balls.  (they lose them)

But first you need to categorize your golfer:

  • Good golfer
  • Casual golfer
  • Lady golfer
  • Junior golfer
For the Good Golfer:
  • Good golfers usually have their favorites.  But they don't mind getting premium golf balls.  By getting premium golf balls, they understand that you respect their skills and dedication.
  • Premium golf balls are usually multi layer construction for various type of shots cased in with an urethane cover for "feel and spin".
  • My recommendations:
King of golf balls
Every one in the industry will agree that it has the #1 market share in golf
There are 2 types: Pro V1 and Pro V1X
At least for the cold weather months, Pro V1 would be a safer choice because it gives you softer feel (easier on your hands) and more spin (any spin would help on those frozen greens)
Super Holiday Special offer for $41.99 until 12/31/2013
My other recommendations will be:
These Golf Balls really perform for all types of players!
Even better players will benefit.
If the golfer really like "softer feel" try the B330-S
The New Spinskin covers is really nice!
Right now there is a promo: buy 2 dozen and receive a pair of 2under boxers!
For the casual golfer:
  • Golf should be fun
  • Needs a ball that has good distance with less spin (especially side spins)
  • You can still work your spin around the greens and have fun for a good solid round
  • My recommendations:


Solid performance off the tee.
Ball characteristics are right between distance and performance.
If you are complaining that you need a softer feel, go with premium golf balls.
If you are complaining because the ball is going to straight and not flying with you intended baby draw, go with a premium ball.
This is the best ball for the value in my opinion.
We sell the NXT ball a lot during the holidays.
Durable solid performing golf ball.
It is a Titleist.

    - end of Part 1 -
    (part 2 will be about ladies and junior and illegal golf balls)
    In any case, buying golf balls as a gift is a great idea.
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    Free personalization available too!
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