Callaway New Apex Forged irons - custom choices and JD predictions

I am sure that many have heard that the new Callaway Apex irons are coming.
There seems to be a lot of questions regarding how it compares against the current 2013 X Forged irons that has been on the market for a while.
Frist of all, the Apex Irons are a completely different category of irons compared to the X Forged.  It does not replace the X Forged irons.
Yes, it is a forged iron but made of multi material construction.
1020 carbon steel body
455 carpenter steel  (Hot face)
Polymer insert
It combines feel, distance and forgiveness.
You asked for it, and here it is!
The irons in 2014 is about distance.  That is one of the reason that many like the new Japanese equipment like EPON and Yonex.
It is the HOOOOOT face that launches the ball far.  Very far.
Some may argue that irons are not about hitting it long.
But once you hit the #7 iron to where you normally hit the #6 iron, you can never go back.
The Apex irons are very forgiving.
The Hot Face launches the ball far.
The forged materials gives you that precise feedback for your solid shots and your not so solid shots.
There are many custom options as always and at fairwaygolfusa.com, we recommend getting customized to fit your swing.
Custom Lie Angle
Custom Loft Settings
is key to hitting the shot that you imagine.
Custom shaft options are:
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold XP 95
  • UST Recoil 660
  • KBS C-Taper
  • KBS Tour
  • NS Pro Modus 130 Tour
  • NS Pro 990
  • NS Pro 1100
  • Project X 95 Flighted
  • Project X PXi
  • Projext X
  • Dynamic Gold SL
  • Dynamic Gold
  • Dynamic Gold XP
  • Mitsubishi Kurokage 70 graphite
I have seen it, I have hit it, I like it
My predictions for popular specifications is as follows:
set make-up: 5-9P (6 pc set)
  • Since because of the hot face, many would want to know how far the #5 iron will fly before they make their decision on the #4 iron.
  • yes #4 iron is available individually just in case you want to add to the set
Shaft:  UST Recoil 660 for graphite and NS Pro 990
  • For this type of club, many will be looking for a easy to swing set up
  • Shaft selection on this irons will be generally on the lighter side
  • UST Recoil 660 feels solid (this would be my choice)
  • Nippon shaft steel quality is the best and the NS Pro 990 which is a proprietary shaft for Callaway comes in Uniflex (Almost a stiff) is best for the average golfers
  • For the hard hitters out their, NS Pro Modus 130 Tour would give you good control with less dispersion
Grips:  not on the option but we do get many requests for Iomic grips (which fairwaygolfusa.com can offer for an additional charge)
Your 2014 golf game starts now!

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