Titleist 714 AP1, AP2, CB, MB now on shop floor! fairwaygolfusa.com pre-order report!

Today is the day NEW Titleist 714 irons officially hit the floor!
Titleist product players are pretty loyal to the brand and today is the special day.
Thanks to those who pre-ordered the products.  Boxes of irons are coming through our warehouse and our warehouse is working hard to deliver the new irons as fast as they can.
About 85% of all preorders placed at fairwaygolfusa.com were custom orders!!
It just proves there are many smart golfers out their who knows about equipment.  (Our club expert also helped many out too....)
Having the proper specification or setup to maximize your performance is key to scoring better.
Irons are the scoring clubs.  You need pin point accuracy.  You need to dial in to make sure that your intentions are executed by the golf equipment to place the ball where you want it to go.
Below is a list of popular models and shafts ordered during the pre-order stage.  It is not a list of what you should be playing but gives you an idea as to what people are liking:
By Model:
*AP2 52%
*MB 25%
*CB 12%
*AP1 11%
By Shaft:
*Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 14%
*KBS Tour 12%
*Dynamic Gold 12%
*Modus3 Tour 120 11%
*KBS C-Taper 9%
*Project X Steel 7%
*Aerotech Steelfiber i95 6%
*Modus3 Tour 130 3%
*Project X Pxi 3%
*NS 105T 3%
*True Temper XP 95 3%
other shafts:
*KBS Tour Black Nickel
*Mitsubishi Kurokage 65
*Tour AD 65i
*Dynalite Gold XP
*Dynamic Gold Sensicore
*Dynamic Gold SL
*NS Pro 950GH
*NS Pro 970
*VS Proto-T 75
*VS Proto-T 85
There were many with custom lie angles, length, grip which we can accommodate.
We can also take requests for Iomic Grips and No1 Grips too!
If you have any questions choosing the right setup for you new Titleist 714 irons, send us an email to cs@fairwaygolfusa.com
Enjoy the new clubs!